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TablePlus a modern tool for databases management

Tools to work with databases there are many. However, many of them specialize in certain database handlers, for example, PHPMyAdmin only focuses on MySQL / MariaDB. Today, I will tell you about TablePlus which is presented to us as a modern and native database management tool. I will also show you how to install it in Ubuntu 18.04.

TablePlus is a modern intuitive application that is for managing relational and non-relational databases. Its main advantage is that it is compatible with many database management systems including popular, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or SQLite. But it also supports NoSQL databases such as Apache Cassandra and MongoDB. In addition, the team of developers promises that more will come.

I like the minimalist and modern design of the application that gives a sensation of being an application according to these times. However, the application is not free and you have to pay to use it.

On the other hand, the application has stable and consolidated versions for Windows and macOS but recently they have published an Alpha version for Linux. And the best thing is that these alphas are free and we will be able to try them.

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So, let’s take a look.

Install TablePlus on Ubuntu

To install it in Ubuntu 18.04, you have to add the application repository. First, you have to add the GPG key to it.

:~$ wget -O - -q http://deb.tableplus.com/apt.tableplus.com.gpg.key | sudo apt-key add - 
1.- Adding the GPG key for TablePlus
1.- Adding the GPG key for TablePlus

Then, add the repository by creating a file called tableplus.list in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and add the following:

:~$ sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tableplus.list
deb [arch=amd64] https://deb.tableplus.com/debian tableplus main
2.- Adding the TablePlus repository
2.- Adding the TablePlus repository

Save the changes and close the editor. I use the terminal a lot but you can create the file with another editor like gedit.

After that, refresh the APT cache and finally install Tableplus.

:~$ sudo apt update 
:~$ sudo apt install tableplus
3.- Installing TablePlus the modern tool for databases management
3.- Installing TablePlus the modern tool for databases management

Then, you can run it from the main menu.

A little look to this tool for Database management

As soon as you open it you will be able to configure a new connection to a database server. There you will have to configure the connection. You will also have the option to test the connection before starting it.

4.- Configuring a new connection
4.- Configuring a new connection

In my case, I have used an instance of MariaDB to test. By default, when you establish the connection, you see the following way:

5.- TablePlus running
5.- TablePlus running

On the left side, the list of tables and below you can switch between databases. If you select a table, the data will be shown like this:

6.- Showing the data
6.- Showing the data

As we can see, everything is very clean, tidy, modern. One of the characteristics of this client is that everything looks very integrated with the GTK system. I haven’t tried it with QT.

Thanks to the lower buttons, you will be able to verify the structure of the table very quickly.

7.- Table structure using TablePlus
7.- Table structure using TablePlus

Also, you can limit the number of results you get.

8.- Set limit to data
8.- Set limit to data

So this is a very small look at this application.

Remember it’s an alpha and the developers say there will be weekly updates so don’t forget to update your equipment.

Also, keep in mind that the application will gradually evolve but it is a good start. It has been fast, efficient and easy to use all this with a pretty nice interface.

For more information, I recommend you visit the application website.

So, that is it. Do not forget to share.


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