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Install FengOffice on Debian 10

Hello, friends. In this post, you will learn how to install FengOffice Server on Debian 10. According to the FengOffice website Feng Office is an integrated...

Monitoring WiFi with Wavemon

Although Linux is a pretty secure and flexible system, the truth is that by default it does not have a tool to monitor our...

How to install and use Atop on OpenSUSE 15.1?

Hi, folks. In this opportunity I'm going to teach you how to install and use Atop on OpenSUSE 15.1. With Atop we will be...

TablePlus a modern tool for databases management

Tools to work with databases there are many. However, many of them specialize in certain database handlers, for example, PHPMyAdmin only focuses on MySQL...

Install Zabbix on Debian 10

As we already know Debian 10 is an operating system used on servers. These servers are capable of hosting very important applications for a...

Install Ajenti Control Panel on Ubuntu 18.04 and Linux Mint 19

Many systems need a unique interface to be able to manage them. However, when we talk about servers, we find that they do not...

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