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How to install the latest version of SQLite on Ubuntu 20.04?

From the SQLite website, they boast that it is the most used database manager in the world. So in this post, you will learn...

How to install SQLite on Ubuntu 20.04 / 18.04?

There is a wide variety of database managers today. Of all of them, MySQL continues to be the most prominent within open source. On...

TablePlus a modern tool for databases management

Tools to work with databases there are many. However, many of them specialize in certain database handlers, for example, PHPMyAdmin only focuses on MySQL...

How to install SQLite on CentOS 8?

In a system or a computer network, when we read on a database, we think of MySQL. We may even think of PostgreSQL or...

Graphical clients for SQL in Linux

SQL Language is one of the most popular languages of our time. Many of the most popular database managers use SQL as their statement...

Install MyWebSQL on Ubuntu 18.04?

Setting up a data server with MySQL or MariaDB is quite a simple task and we have done it many times in this blog....

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