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OpenSUSE 15.1 is available!!

After several months of development, the OpenSUSE community team announced a new version. I am talking about version 15.1 based on SUSE Linux Enterprise SP1. We are in the presence of an important release within Linux as OpenSUSE is cataloged as an important distribution for its use and contributions to the community. In this post, we will tell you more about it, but the important thing is that OpenSUSE 15.1 is available.

Continuity and stability on OpenSUSE 15.1

This release has numerous improvements, however, it has tried not to be aggressive with the updates. All this with the main goal of providing even more stability to the distribution. Therefore, we can say that is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise stability is practically guaranteed.

“With Leap 15, we have introduced a huge number of new features and innovations in security, performance, and tool/desktop area. Having in mind how stable, efficient and reliable Leap has become, with this release, we managed to keep the level of quality to the point that our private and Small Business users can..” These are some of the words of Haris Sehic, a member of the openSUSE community.

What is the new on this version?

As I mentioned earlier, the main novelties are in security and stability. However, it is good to note that all the graphics stack of the distribution has been updated. For example, all the graphical novelties of the 4.19 kernel have been ported to the 4.12 kernel currently used by OpenSUSE. This is incredible because it is not necessary to update the kernel to have a great support of AMD vega cards.

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On the other hand, Network Manager now manages the distribution connections by default. Making it even easier for users coming from other distributions.

Professional technologies in a community version

OpenSUSE 15.1 stands out for being a community Linux distribution but it seems very professional. In this new version, highlights the appearance of the tools Podman and Buildah that are used by OpenSUSE kubic. All this as alternatives to Docker.

In addition, it has improved and updated the main services like FTP, SSH, SAMBA and others that will allow making a home or professional server in a very safe way. In the same way, Kopano and Nextcloud are now part of the distribution repositories.

Containers are a important thing on OpenSUSE 15.1
Containers are an important thing on OpenSUSE 15.1

Additionally, OpenSUSE 15.1 makes it easier to migrate to SUSE Linux Enterprise as they share the entire core of applications.

In desktop environments, they have been a bit conservative and keep GNOME 3.26 and Plasma 5.12 as they have been tested as stable.

Now, all that’s left is for you to download it and try it. Then, comment on this post to know your opinion about this release.

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  1. I have been testing OpenSUSE Leap 15.1. It’s absolutely brilliant and there is no question that it’s the best KDE-based Linux operating system available.


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