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Antergos says goodbye

For those of us who are passionate about the Linux world, it’s not nice to have to give this kind of news. And it is that Antergos the great Linux distribution based on Arch Linux finishes its development and will no longer be supported. So, Antergos says goodbye.

Antergos says goodbye

The Antergos development team has announced in an emotive post that it will not continue to develop the distribution. So, it is a big loss for everyone on Linux because Antergos was a quick, easy and safe way to enjoy Arch Linux. We could say that Antergos was to Arch Linux what Ubuntu was at the time for Debian. On this, it is worth quoting the article:

“Our goal was to make Arch Linux available to a wider audience of users by providing a streamlined, user friendly experience including a safe place for users to communicate, learn, and help one another”

In fact, I am sure they have accomplished the goal. Antergos has earned a special place in many Linux users. It was the best way to enjoy the full potential of Arch Linux without any problems. Even for people not so expert at that.

Cause? Not enough free time

Yes, this has been the main cause. It’s just that “what started out as a project” has matured so much that it takes a lot of free time to maintain it. The development team had less and less time and they preferred to say no more.

“we no longer have enough free time to properly maintain Antergos. We came to this decision because we believe that continuing to neglect the project would be a huge disservice to the community.”

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So anyone who wants to can use even parts of the project to push others. In addition to this, the development team reports that the wiki and forum will continue to operate for at least three more months.

I use Antergos, now what?

If you are using Antergos you should not worry, because you will continue to receive updates directly from Arch Linux.

On the other hand, soon there will be a new update where the project repositories will be removed. In addition to this, project packages that no longer serve the distribution will be uninstalled.

Finally, the team thanks everyone who has collaborated with the project in one way or another. They indicate that this trip has been beneficial for them from a personal and professional point of view.

However, I think it is we who should be grateful to them. So Antergos says goodbye…

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  1. This is a sad loss for the Linux community. I have been a previous user of Antergos and it was a brilliant Arch-based distribution. Very sad. But a massive thank you to the project developers and good luck to them all in their future ventures.


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