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Microsoft Edge now has customizable feed

Microsoft Edge adapts to increase user productivity. In its panel update it includes news and information according to your work sector. In addition, this will appear in a section called My Feed. Also, the section will be found in the new tab page for companies. So Microsoft keeps surprising us. Today I tell you that Microsoft Edge now has customizable feed.

News at your fingertips. Microsoft Edge surprises with a new customizable feed

Over the last year and a half, Microsoft Edge has optimized its features. It has added Office 365 content for this purpose. Thanks to this content it is possible to continue the work right where we left off. As a result, this My Feed option has been added to the new tab page. With it, you will not only be able to find news and information relevant to your company at a glance. You will also have the opportunity to personalize the information that appears according to your interests. This feature will be available from version 87.0.0 of Microsoft Edge Insider. Previously Edge offered news as a stand-alone, non-customizable section

Productive content for you

The option to customize My Feed is easy to use. Its main objective is to gather information from important news providers in your sector. To present them in an organized and simple way. For this purpose, IT administrators select which topics are available to your organization. These appear in the portal of the Microsoft 365 Administration Center.

But it is possible to adapt this function even more to your interests and those of your work. To do so, just click on Customize. Then choose from a set of possible interests that will appear on the left. The result will be an information card with a summary of the news. It also indicates the name of the source. This allows you to know if the information comes from trusted providers

Different functions in one place

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This ease of customization allows you to not only choose which topics to display. It also allows you to classify the news according to the country and language you choose. So you can easily access local information. For those minimalists it also presents the option of only frequent sites and blank page. With these new features, Microsoft Edge continues to be a great navigation alternative adapted to users’ needs. So you know, Microsoft Edge now has customizable feed.

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