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Windows 10 will completely change its interface

Microsoft has been making small adjustments to the Windows 10 interface since its release. Although the base has remained relatively stable. Slowly, modifications based on Fluent Design have been incorporated. For example, it has included transparencies and homogenization of different parts of the system. Now, all that could change completely. Some sources claim that Microsoft is working on a major overhaul of the Windows 10 interface code named Sun Valley. Such changes would affect all parties with whom users interact. Including the Start Menu, Activity Center, and File Explorer. As you can see, Windows 10 will completely change its interface.

Sun Valley, the new interface that will be part of Windows 10 Cobalt.

The change in interface will include more modern designs, better animations, and new features. In addition, this interface would be part of Windows 10 Cobalt, which is expected for Christmas 2021. In principle, this is a project that seeks to modernize the Windows 10 experience on the computer. Consequently, it aims to meet the demands of users, with modern and lightweight interfaces.

On the other hand, the Windows 10 interface has not undergone major changes in the last 5 years. On the contrary, other systems have changed their appearance. Consequently, the Windows Devices and Experiences team will be in charge of this mission. In addition, rumors point to a deep renovation, which would affect the start menu, the activity center and the file explorer. But also it will change aspects like the taskbar and the appearance of the apps. The dark mode will also be included in more elements of the interface, including the Control Panel. In addition, for tablet users, the interface will be more fluid and the Windows 10 on-screen keyboard will have a new design.

This change would come with Windows 10 21H2

This new interface is still under development. On the other hand its arrival is uncertain. It may even never arrive if they decide that the changes are not worthwhile, or they may even delay it. But it is tentatively planned to arrive in the second half of the year at 21H2. Now, the transition in Windows 10 is intended to be smooth and intuitive. Since they want to avoid the abrupt change that occurred from Windows 7 to Windows 8. In addition, users will be able to keep the old look for some elements. In this way, the stability of the system is sought. So you know, Windows 10 will completely change its interface. It is very interesting to see how Microsoft works to modernize Windows 10. Bye!

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