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how to equalize Spotify music in Android

If you normally use Spotify as your default streaming music player, you will probably miss the equalizer function. The ability to equalize the sound for a more personalized experience. There is actually a very simple alternative. That’s why today we will teach you how to equalize Spotify music in Android.

SpotiQ Equalizer

SpotiQ is an equalizer capable of synchronizing with your Spotify. You will be able to calibrate the sound in five channels, it also has some pre-sets, for the different music genres. You can also create your own pre-sets. Maximize the potential of your device!

Some features:

  • Sound Equalizer and Bass Boost
  • Graphic equalizer with five frequency bands.
  • Equalization of sound presets
  • Preset music
  • Music Equalizer for Spotify and all music plays.
  • Renew your headphones, Audio System, Sound System, Hi-fi and Car Audio
  • Automatic volume and sound level

First step

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First, you must download and install from the Google Play Store SpotiQ can do so by following the link below:

Google Play Store: SpotiQ Equalizer

Second step

Now open SpotiQ. Then the app will ask your permission to run always in the background. Press Allow to continue.

Press allow equalize
Press allow

Third step

After that, press enable equalizer. You can select the preset you want, you can also adjust each channel and create your custom pre-set. To save it press the + button. Then enter a name and press ok to finish. Enjoy!

press enable equalizer equalize
press enable equalizer
SpotiQ equalize
equalize Spotify


SpotiQ is an indispensable app for music lovers. Get excellent results using its simple and intuitive interface. Create new playlists by choosing any preset and apply it to your songs. Improve your subwoofer and bass. We look forward to bringing you more tips and tricks for your Android device. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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