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microsoft edge

How to convert a web page to Windows 10 App

Windows 10 has different options to improve the user experience. Indeed, it may be that we visit a website constantly. This may be for...

Microsoft Edge now has customizable feed

Microsoft Edge adapts to increase user productivity. In its panel update it includes news and information according to your work sector. In addition, this...

How to force dark mode in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Hello! The dark mode is sweeping through electronic devices. Indeed, beyond the aesthetic issues, this mode is a relief for our eyes. It also...

Microsoft Enforces Edge in a New Way

Recently, Microsoft released their Windows 10 Insider Preview (build 17263) for “Skip Ahead” users. If you didn’t know, Insider Preview is the future of...

Microsoft Edge – Security Flaw Exposed by Google

Microsoft Edge is the latest web browser from Microsoft and is available as a part of Windows 10. It’s supposed to be a better...

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