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How to reset your WordPress password on Localhost.

Hello! The password is essential to be able to enter your website. When this happens, you just need to retrieve it through an email. However, when installing WordPress on a local server, then this option is not available. But don’t worry, today we will see how to reset your WordPress password on Localhost.

What is Localhost?

This is a service offered by applications such as XAMP, MAMP among others, which allows you to simulate all the conditions of a real server. To do this, use the resources of the computer to install packages of PHP and MySQL. Precisely, all these tools in the webserver allow WordPress to work. This local server is ideal for testing plugins and themes, as it offers a development environment almost identical to a real server. Also, it’s a great idea to test WordPress before publishing it on the website.

How to reset the password at the Localhost.

Under real server conditions, WordPress allows you to reset your password using your registered email. Since it is enough to enter the mail so that the system sends a link to be able to recover it. However, in a local server environment, this solution is not possible. Since the mail function is disabled. That is, the system does not send the recovery email. Of course, it is possible to enable this function by editing some lines of code. However, today I propose an alternative solution.

How to recover your password on Localhost using phpMyAdmin.

When you install a local web server, another server called PhpMyAdmin is also installed. In effect, this is used to manage, modify, create, or delete databases. In fact, from this section, the MySQL system is used to create the database for WordPress. Well, the first thing you have to do is check which is the database created for WordPress. With this intention, check the file wp-config.php. There is the name of the database used.

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Then, you just need to log in to the phpMyAdmin server. Once there, please click on the WordPress database.

Select the WordPress database.
Select the WordPress database.

Immediately all the tables in the database will be displayed. Please select wp-users. This is where the information for each user is stored.

Select the wp-users table
Select the wp-users table

Then click on Edit.

From now on the method involves a few simple steps. First, select the value corresponding to the administrator user. That is, the parameter you usually use to log in to the server. Then select the MD5 function as this is used by WordPress to generate the password. Then in the password field, select the new value in plain text. Finally, press the Go button to set the changes.

Setting the new password in Localhost for WordPress

After this step, you will be able to login to WordPress with your new password. That’s it! Simple but very useful, right? I hope you can manage your local server more efficiently. Well, we finally saw how to reset your WordPress password on Localhost. Bye!

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