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How to install Feng Office on a web server

Hello! We continue to explore the world of web development. Specifically, the additions we can make to a web server. This time, we'll talk...

How to reset your WordPress password on Localhost.

Hello! The password is essential to be able to enter your website. When this happens, you just need to retrieve it through an email....

Using Elgg to build a local social networking site

Hello! Today we will continue to study the potential of a local web server. Indeed, perhaps you didn't know that it is possible to...

How to install a wiki in Windows 10.

Hi! Today we will see how to easily install a wiki on Windows 10. A wiki is a website that allows users to add,...

How to install Xampp on Windows 10

Hi! If are you a web developer o simply want to try to program, surely needs some software in order to do your job....

How to Use XAMPP on Linux

For any web developer, having a server is a must for developing a website or web pages and test them out if those works....

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