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How to block folders with Windows firewall

Hello! Maintaining security on the network is essential. In fact, we have several options to achieve it. We can install antivirus, but also a firewall. Today, we will see how to use a firewall to block Internet access to a folder in Windows. Certainly, this prevents unwanted access to vulnerable parts of the system. These accesses can cause data theft as well as damage to Windows. Read on to find out How to block folders with Windows firewall.

How a firewall works

A firewall is a software or device that acts as a door that closes or opens at will. Its function is to block or allow connections from a device. An example is to create a list with the applications that we want to block so that they do not have access to the Internet or the IP addresses that we do not want them to connect to a network. It is based on the use of rules. Once created, if they are not complied with, then it does not allow Internet traffic, either outgoing or incoming. This makes it difficult for intruders to access the network or remotely access our devices.

Consequently, the main function of the firewall is to create a barrier to allow or disallow connections. This wall is used to monitor communications between computers, warn of connection attempts that may be suspicious, etc.

How to block folders with firewall

The most recent versions of Microsoft systems incorporate their firewall. Besides being free, it works very well and is highly configurable. One of the options allows you to block a specific folder from accessing the Internet. However, this option is not integrated by default into the Windows Firewall. So, we will have to use a third-party solution. We are talking about Fab firewall, a free program that integrates with Windows Firewall.

How to Download Fab firewall

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First, you have to download Fab firewall from here. As mentioned above, it is a free program that is available for the latest versions of Windows. An important issue is that it is not necessary to install anything. In fact, it is a fully portable program. Just run the .exe file and that’s it. Once executed, a window is displayed showing the connections previously blocked by other firewalls, including Windows Firewall itself. If you have not blocked anything, then nothing appears.

Firewall Fab initial screen
Firewall Fab initial screen

Adding folders

Subsequently, you only have to add the folders you are interested in. This is very useful if you have several applications installed in a single folder. This way we can block internet access to all of them and at the same time save time. With this in mind, just click on File and then select Add Folder Contents.

Adding a folder to be blocked from accessing the Internet by Windows Firewall

Next, you only have to locate the folder. Once started, the files included in the folder will be added to the list of locks. This action also adds the folder to the Windows Defender block list. From that moment on, everything inside that folder will be locked, and you will not have access to the Internet.

Blocked programs inside the folder.

Any program or application inside the folder will lose internet access. This way we can limit the total access at once. In effect, the action extends to all items within the folder. Actually, what Fab firewall does is to create a new rule every time we click on add folders. In addition, these rules are extended to the Windows Firewall itself. In fact, you can verify them from the same Windows application.

Additional features of Fab Firewall

Certainly, the most striking option is to be able to block folders with the Firewall. However, there are other very fascinating functions to discover. Although it is a simple app, it has more interesting things to discover.

Block applications

Another interesting action is to be able to block applications from connecting to the network. Let’s suppose you have a program installed, and you don’t want it to connect to the internet. Then this option is for you. Just click on the + icon, then search for the program, and that’s it. It will immediately be added to the block list.

Adding an application to block access to the internet

Create lists

It also allows you to create lists, import, or export them. It is useful if you want to add a series of programs or processes that you do not want to connect to the Internet. These lists can be activated or deactivated at any time, which facilitates the process. Additionally, it is possible to export these lists to any other firewall. Even if it is on another computer.

Internet blocking

A very useful option is to be able to block the entire Internet connection by simply clicking a button. Great, isn’t it? Well, this is possible with Firewall Fab. Regardless of whether the connection is wired or Wi-Fi, we can prevent any program or process from connecting to the Internet. Please click on Firewall, then click on Block Internet. The Internet connection will be automatically interrupted. Of course, the connection to the provider will still exist, only now the firewall blocks connection attempts. Just test it by trying to open a web page. To reverse it, just open the same option, but this time unchecks the corresponding checkbox.

Disconnecting the Internet connection completely
Disconnecting the Internet connection completely

Very well, in this way we have seen how to block folders with Windows firewall. In addition, we show you some suggestions to get the most out of the program. See you later!

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