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Elementary OS 5 Juno released!!

These days a new version of Elementary OS has been released. We are talking about the most beautiful Linux distribution, or so say its users. Anyway, it is quite popular and is based on Ubuntu 18.04.

Polishing many details

The Elementary OS development team must be recognized for its effort in offering a visually almost perfect system with its own personality. However, stability has not been the main advantage in the past.

1.- ElementaryOS
1.- Elementary OS

This new version pays attention to those details and comes with the goal of offering a more polished work experience than in the past. It places special emphasis on the productivity of new and advanced users.

AppCenter improved – Pay What You Want

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Making a quality program takes a lot of time and work. The Elementary OS team is aware of this and in this new version the AppCenter includes the option to choose the amount you want to pay for the application, but it is not mandatory.

2.- New AppCenter
2.- New AppCenter

3.- New AppCenter - Pay what you want
3.- New AppCenter – Pay what you want

Whenever you can, you should collaborate with these projects. Whenever you can, you should collaborate with these projects with that you will collaborate with the team’s goal “Our goal is a sustainable open source ecosystem of quality apps that people love”.

Simple. Very simple. Is it good or bad?

Elementary OS is a very simple system. That is, it comes with a few applications installed by default. It does not have, for example, LibreOffice or any office suite. This is good or bad according to the user.

Some users will appreciate that you don’t have almost any applications installed due to defects, as they will install only what is necessary. Consequently, you will have a very fast system. However, others, especially newcomers to Linux, will find a system that is not ready to start work and this could be a problem. In conclusion, it depends on the user.

3.- Few applications installed by default
4.- Few applications installed by default


4.- Few applications installed by default
5.- Few applications installed by default

On the other hand, it doesn’t have Firefox or Chrome installed, and that could cause some users to get confused. Either way, it is very easy to install them, but some should be installed by default.

Elementary OS, the most beautiful Linux distribution?

Beauty is a very subjective thing, but we must recognize that Elementary OS looks very good recently installed.

5.- GTK Theme of ElementaryOS
6.- GTK Theme of Elementary OS

Its GTK theme and icons look very integrated. They are simple but very sober. The truth looks good.

6.- A nice GTK theme
7.- A nice GTK theme

Other novelties

Apart from the above-mentioned novelties and improvements, it must be said that this new version comes with Elementary Code a new code editor made for developers. Its main features are the Dark mode, its speed to process many lines of code and its integration with GIT.

8.- Dark Mode of Elementrary Code
8.- Dark Mode of Elementary Code

Files the Elementary OS file manager has received technical improvements to be faster-executing files and opening them. However, it also incorporates new manila-colored folders to sort and prioritize your most important folders.

Music and Photos have received improvements in their graphical interfaces. For example, Music has now been slightly redesigned offering a better user experience and Photos enjoys a new Dark mode.

9.- Dark mode on Photos
9.- Dark mode on Photos

Download Elementary OS 5 Juno

Elementary OS is a great Linux distribution, it is oriented for beginners. If you want to download it you can do it from here and use it by yourself.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have a reputation for being very stable although this version promises to improve that part.

Tell us about yourself, do you use Elementary OS? What about your experience with it? Let us know in the comments.

You can also see “Ubuntu 18.10 available“.

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