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Debian 10 (Buster) is almost here

Debian is known throughout the Linux world as one of the most stable distributions out there. Thanks to a robust development cycle, Debian is always one of the first alternatives for developers and sysadmins to run their jobs on it. Under the premise of “it will come out when it is ready” approximately every two years a new version of Debian comes out. The last stable version that is the 9 with the code name of Stretch came out in 2017, that is to say, this year Debian 10 is expected.

Debian 10 with Buster’s codename will be the new stable version of Debian. It is not known exactly when it will be released, but it is a good bet to say that it could be released between June and July. So let’s see some of what Buster will bring us.

Debian 10 and the new artwork

Debian 10 has a lot of news, but it’s good to point out that it will have new artwork that will make the distribution refresh a little.

1.- Debian new artwork
1.- Debian new artwork

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The theme in question is called “futurePrototype” and was chosen by the community as the default theme stands out for its soft blue color that integrates very well with past themes.

Debian 10: The Features

What’s new in Debian 10 is quite a lot, and more than anything else, package and desktop updates everywhere. In the case of desktop environments Buster will bring us the following:

But they are not the only ones, we will also have some window managers known as Openbox or Fluxbox.

On the other hand, Debian supports multiple architectures as they are:

  • 32 bits PC (i386) and 64 bits PC (amd64)
  • 64 bits ARM (arm64)
  • ARM EABI (armel)
  • ARMv7 (EABI hard-float ABI, armhf)
  • MIPS (mips («big-endian») and mipsel («little-endian»))
  • 64 bits MIPS (mips64el)
  • 64 bits PowerPC (ppc64el)
  • IBM System z (s390x)

So not in vain does Debian make itself known as the universal Linux distribution. Because it is very versatile and can be installed on many different architectures.

Some security features

In the security section Debian 10 Buster brings with it many news and updates of critical packages. The Linux Kernel will be the 4.19 patched by the Debian community to support a lot of recent hardware.

Also, Debian buster has AppArmor enabled by default. The default AppArmor package ships with AppArmor profiles for several programs. So it is an important step to improve system security and stability.

In the same way, Debian 10 will have in its repositories PHP 7.3, Apache 2.4.38 and Nginx 1.14, with this having a Web server will be easy and very stable. But if we add to this MariaDB 10.3 and PostgreSQL 11 then the combinations are complete.

Python has also been updated to version 3.7.2 that will make your applications take better advantage of Python 3 features. And OpenJDK 11 will also be present. Remember that this version of OpenJDK is LTS so its use with Debian 10 will allow you to develop Java applications efficiently.

As you can read Debian 10 will be an important release this year.


Debian is characterized by being a very stable distribution. Thanks to it, it is possible to have servers and production equipment quite reliable and with a large number of packages available. The release of Debian 10 that will bring much important news that will surely make Debian the most commented of this.

Don’t worry that here we will support Debian 10 as always. With many tutorials and news about it.

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