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Chrome 86 available

Two months ago we talked about the Firefox 80 browser update, which did not incorporate a maintenance update. Now, one of its biggest competitors Google Chrome, announces the new update of its browser with Chrome 86. Available in PC and mobile versions.

However, in the most recent version of Chrome, the changes it incorporates are focused on security. Implemented specifically in the mobile version, including some features that were previously in the desktop version.

In addition, it includes options to change the password for when users use an insecure one.

Chrome 86: What’s new?

  • Inclusion of a backward cache, which allows instantaneous browsing in previously visited pages.
  • WebCodecs as a low-level codec API for game transmission, transcoding, and similar uses.
  • In addition, Chrome incorporates a quick password change and an insecure password detector. When you go to the password management page, it will warn you which passwords are secure or insecure. Also, it shows a button to go to the page where you can change your password.
  • On the other hand, as mentioned above, one of the main features of Chrome 86 is security on mobile devices. Now you will get a password analysis, which will scan for when one of your saved passwords has been compromised.
  • New APIs to support multi-screen window placement for better multi-screen experiences on the web.

To learn more about what Chrome 86 includes, visit ChromeStatus.com


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The latest version of one of the most widely used browsers has focused on security on mobile devices.

Also, changing the password quickly will depend on the developers including a specific name to the page. For the secure change of the password so that Chrome recognizes it, therefore it is not all directed equally.

On the other hand, the Android version will start sending in real-time to Google unusual the addresses URLs.

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