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Firefox 80 available

Firefox is one of the most used browsers nowadays, competing with Chrome. Since its beginnings years ago, with each update, it improves in privacy, speed, and maintenance. In August, Firefox 80 was announced and unlike previous versions, this new version does not have many changes.

The latest version of Firefox does not introduce any maintenance updates, so this is good news. Which means it has no major flaws, making it a little strange or unusual.

Among the most interesting of the new features, two stand out, one aimed at macOS and for Windows. For Microsoft users, they will visualize how the theme changes automatically, depending on the theme they are using. On the contrary, Apple’s operating system users will see how WebGL power preference. Allowing applications and applets, which are not performance-critical, to request low CPU consumption.

What’s New in Firefox 80

According to the release notes, these are the new features that include Firefox 80.

  • The new Firefox update comes with many features for Linux. The addition of support for hardware video acceleration through VA-API for systems using X11 protocol.
  • For users who suffer from migraine and epilepsy, Firefox 80 removes some animation effects when you open a tab.
  • A new implementation of the add-on block list. Experimenting with security, stability, and performance issues. The new implementation features improved performance and scalability issues through the use of cascading Bloom filters.
  • It also provides the ability to set Firefox as the default PDF reader on your system. Improvements and corrections with the operation of screen readers and sharing with horseshoeing for people with disabilities.
  • SVG title and description elements (labels and descriptions) are properly exposed to assistive technology producers such as screen readers.
  • Tab preview with Alt / Tab increase.
  • The JavaScript debugging stops in case of an exception. The code barrier now displays tool information with a stack track.
  • The network activity monitoring interface adds visual tags that highlight slow requests, which runtime exceeds 500 ms.
  • With a proposal for an experimental panel on tools for web developers, which facilitate the identification of incompatibilities between browsers.


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From its beginnings, Firefox stands out in particular and is everything related to privacy. Trying to make it one of the factors to call new users to try the proposal. Similarly, everything related to security when surfing the Internet, which we observe update after update.

This new version is gradually being made available to the rest of the world. As for the bug fixes with the new features of Firefox 80, they remove 13 vulnerabilities.

It’s a fact that Firefox 80 doesn’t have any maintenance updates, but it does have some great new features. The most prominent is for macOS and Windows users.

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