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Nextcloud 20 available

Nextcloud is an open-source application, which allows you to host files in the cloud. With the possibility to see having all the files available anywhere and at any time. Also, a few days ago the annual conference of the project was held, and immediately after it was announced the launch of Nextcloud 20. Possibly the most interesting version of the last ones announced by the developers.

Similarly, Nextcloud is becoming a self-hosted productivity solution. With which it no longer depends on the large clouds of services from the giants of the IT sector.

On the other hand, the name with which it should be called would be “Nextcloud Hub” is the name of the suite since the release of version 18. The latest version of Nextcloud, incorporates some important additions to the platform.

Nextcloud 20: What’s new?

The latest version of Nextcloud, including new features and improvements, should be big enough. With the goal that all users of previous versions of Nextcloud have to fight for the upgrade.

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The new version of Nextcloud, include a new dashboard that replaces (only if you want). To the file application as default section when accessing Nextcloud. Also, the new dashboard is focused on the configurable modules so they can visualize the most important sections for the user. For example, upcoming events in the calendar, mention of email or social networks, and recommended files.

On the other hand, the three most important features of Nextcloud 20 are:

  • A new panel that provides an excellent starting point for the day It also includes more than a dozen widgets ranging from Twitter and Github to Moodle and Zammad already available.
  • The search was unified and brings together search results from Nextcloud applications and external services such as Gitlab, Jira, and Discourse in one place.
  • The talk introduced the bridge to other platforms, including MS Teams, Slack, IRC, Matrix, and a dozen others.

On the other hand, it incorporates improvements in the application.

  • Files that allow you to add a description to public link shares.
  • Flow adds push notifications and webhooks so that other web applications can easily integrate with Nextcloud.
  • Text entered direct link to files in Nextcloud.

To learn more are the new features of Nextcloud 20 visit the official announcement.


Nextcloud is multiplatform to allow working from a computer or a mac. Also for phones or tablets, either Apple or Android.

The improvements of Nextcloud 20 do not stop there but focus almost all around the new dashboard and global search function.

On the other hand, the announced import change with the integration of more than a dozen third applications.

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