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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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google chrome

Chrome 86 available

Two months ago we talked about the Firefox 80 browser update, which did not incorporate a maintenance update. Now, one of its biggest competitors...

How to install Google Chrome on Fedora 31?

There are many web browsers available for Linux. From the most popular to the most unknown. Well, in this tutorial you will learn how...

How to Install Google Chrome Using Group Policy

In this post, I’ll show you How to Install Google Chrome Using Group Policy on client computers using Windows Server 2019. Also, Importing Chrome...

How to install Google Chrome on Debian 10 Buster?

Normally people use Debian 10 Buster as the operating system on their servers. However, if there is one thing that characterizes this distribution very...

Google Chrome Warning Messages

Google Chrome is definitely one of the best browsers you can get that offers the best performance of all. It also offers great flexibility...

Best Browsers for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is, by far, one of the most popular Linux distros of all time because of its simplicity and user-friendly environment. Because of the...

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