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How to get Open Source apps on Android

Greetings friends! If you are a free software lover and also an Android user you are in the right place. In Android, there are...

Install TastyIgniter on Ubuntu 20.04 – A Restaurant online ordering software

Hello, friends. In this post, you will learn how to install TastyIgniter on Ubuntu 20.04 TastyIgniter is a powerful, yet easy to use, restaurant online...

GNOME OS is here!

KDE Plasma has always been seen as a very productive environment and thanks to KDE Neon it is possible to enjoy it to the...

Open-source programs that are a must for Windows 10

Hi, There are a lot of programs for Windows these days. Of course, with these programs, we can do everything. On the other hand,...

How to install Nginx Server on Windows 10

Hello! This time I want to talk to you about Nginx. It is an open-source web server and reverse proxy server. In addition to...

Installing a Linux distro (Q4OS 3.8 Centaurus) from Windows 10

Hello, nice to meet you again. This time we will talk to you about a software that some time ago, it was considered incompatible...

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