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Ubuntu 20.10 available

The new version of Ubuntu is now available, under the code name “groovy gorilla”. Ubuntu 20.10 focuses on improving and refining the user experience. Also, Ubuntu 20.10 is a short term version (STR), is shareable for 9 months. Likewise, it incorporates continuous central corrections, security patches, and new versions of applications.

On the other hand, with the short version, it continues the tradition of Ubuntu. To release a long term support version (LTS) every two years (and with support for five years) with three STRs in between.

Ubuntu 20.10:: What’s new?

  • The GNOME 3.38 release, which incorporates The addition of a “reset” button and New parental control for “Children” accounts. Where they include improvements in optimization. We leave you the post where they say all the new features that GNOME 3.38 incorporates.
  • The Ubiquity installer now has Microsoft Active Directory integration.
  • On the other hand, Ubuntu 2.10 includes the 5.8 kernel, which incorporates the continued advancement of open-source Intel/Radeon graphics drivers. In addition to improved security features, we also leave you the 5.8 kernel post where it mentions everything.
  • The applications you have installed by default are Firefox 81, Thunderbid 78, and finally LibreOffice 7.0. This last one brings a great novelty of improved DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX compatibility. Similarly, we leave the article where we talk about LibreOffice 7.0
  • Restricted access to dmesg to administrator/root users.
  • In addition, it now allows easy sharing of the WI-FI connection, with a smartphone or tablet, by means of a QR code.
  • Many other package updates.

To download the image of the official Ubuntu 20.10 version, it is available in Ubuntu releases.


The latest version of Ubuntu incorporates the 5.8 kernel, which three improved support for AMD.

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As far as the installation of Ubuntu is concerned, it now includes a new icon. In addition to very important integration with Active Directory of Windows servers.

In addition, the installer, we can see that the option to install the ZFS file system no longer has the word “Experimental”.

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