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Gnome 3.38 available

Gnome OS is a Linux-based operating system, which has a huge domain in the Linux forums. On September 16, 2020, developers announced the release of GNOME 3.38, offering changes to the desktop environment. However, one point of consideration is the availability that varies from one distribution to another.

Therefore, certain measures manage to be renamed, relocated, or eliminated, this is part of the subsequent packaging processes. However, GNOME 3.38 does not allow it to be installed on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (or earlier). The current version of the desktop environment will be presenting on Ubuntu 20.10 (scheduled for October 22, 2020)

Therefore, users should be aware that Ubuntu does not offer a standard/stock/default GNOME Shell experience.

New Features of GNOME 3.38

  • With the introduction of a new GNOME Tour application, it aims to help new users become familiar with the GNOME environment. For this reason, it is already present in the largest of the Linux desktop environments, Linux Mint (Mate / Cinnamon).
  • The applications menu gets more change in GNOME Shell 3.38, where it allows you to reorganize the applications in the application selector.
  • The addition of a “reset” button is located on the system tray menu as a separate menu item. Previously, there was only the “off” button, the inclusion of a Reset option. This addition saves you a click.
  • The inclusion of a keyboard shortcut dialog for the File-Roller, along with new shortcuts.
  • New parental control for “Children” accounts that allow you to restrict the browser and applications.

For more information, visit the release notes.


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The new version GNOME 3.38, under the key name Orbis, “in recognition of the GUADEC 2020 organization team”. They stand out for replacing in application launch, the frequent views, and everything for the only consistent and customizable view.

On the other hand, GNOME 3 has its concept and approach well established. On several occasions, it seems to stand out in small improvements, that revolutionary changes.

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