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The best websites to watch free movies online.

Hello! The concept of television has changed a lot recently with the arrival of streaming content platforms. Indeed, there are many people who prefer to pay a subscription to one of these platforms to watch what they like. However, there are many others who are not willing to go through the cash register. Consequently, we are going to show you the best legal websites to watch free movies online.

List of the best sites to watch free movies online.

So, if you love sitting on the couch watching movies, then this is for you. In fact, in all of them, we will be able to find content for all tastes. However, it is important to know that the vast majority of sites that offer free online series and movies are pirated. In addition, they usually ask us to register, contain links with malware, or we can end up with several tools installed on our computer without realizing that later they flood our computer with unwanted advertising.

As a result, these sites are often pursued until they are shut down. Indeed, in most cases they do not comply with the corresponding legality, especially regarding the copyright of the movies themselves. Even so, we can still find certain legal sites or websites with free online series and movies. So, we can access in a quiet and safe way.

YouTube and Vimeo

It may seem unusual to you, but the video platforms you use to watch live music or video clips are also options for watching movies. They are full of movies that you can watch legally, at no cost, without registration and on any device. You can certainly rent some, and this does come at a cost. However, there are many others that are available free.


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Why? Because there are many classics that have already become public domain after decades have passed since their release. Thus, many YouTube channels collect movies legally, royalty-free movies. Others, moreover, include the possibility to watch series or movies created by themselves. That is, the production company itself uploads its content to the Internet.


One of the main alternatives to YouTube. It certainly does not pose a serious threat yet. However, it has some possibilities that the global streaming video giant does not offer. For many, its design and operation is much better, cleaner and without distractions. In addition, its community is somewhat less toxic and seems to be rowing in the same direction. That even makes some people bet on posting their productions directly there, whether they are short or feature films.

There are several sections on Vimeo, including one called the on-demand section. There we can buy full movies, series, or TV shows. They are many indies or independent, but that is not synonymous with low quality. In fact, we also have offerings from major television studios. Be that as it may, it is worth giving a chance to this free streaming platform. It is a completely recommendable option to watch different free movies.

Archives and organizations

There are digital libraries and other websites with all kinds of free resources that offer us the possibility to watch movies for free. The vast majority of them are movies that have free access, so we will not be doing anything illegal. Let’s see some of them.


Archive.org is a digital library managed by a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of archives, captures of public Websites, multimedia resources and also software. In it, we can find, therefore, free movies of all times. In the same way, we can choose by category or use the filters to find what we like the most, to see the movies available, we will have to filter by type of content. Then we will be able to make or apply another series of filters to find what we like the most.

The website not only allows you to watch the movie online. In fact, many times we can download it to take it on a USB drive and use it wherever we want. All in all, a great option to watch movies for free anywhere.

Open Culture

This is a site dedicated to sharing many books, audiobooks, courses, movies and other types of content for free. Therefore, it is very similar to the previous site. It is a good international option thanks to the fact that we will find all kinds of options to watch and enjoy. Here we will be able to find a list of free online movies that we can watch in a completely legal way. Among them, we can see some of the most popular creations of Alfred Hitchcock, among others.

An important aspect is that this website includes filtering by language. In addition, there are categories and collections and generally the web will redirect us to other pages. However, it is an excellent option to find everything and to watch movies very different from what we find on Netflix.

National Film Board of Canada

The National Film Board of Canada is a project in which many people have participated throughout its history. Consequently, this allows thousands of films and short films to be available free of charge for all audiences. It is a website that allows us to find all kinds of titles. It also has a really comfortable filters to find something that suits what we want at that time. In addition, we can filter by language. However, keep in mind that the web will only allow us to watch movies in French or English.

Thousands of titles are available. Additionally, we can search alphabetically, but we can also filter by length, by year, by genre, by availability. In total, more than six thousand free titles without downloading anything and available through a player in the browser.

At the end of the day, we have seen the best websites to watch free movies online. Best of all, the content is completely free and legitimate. Despite this, it does not mean that the content is of poor quality. On the contrary, we can find authentic gems of world cinema. See you soon!

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