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The best sites for downloading royalty-free music.

Hi! If you work online, or you are a freelancer, you are probably dedicated to the creation of content for social networks in audiovisual format. Consequently, you know that one of the essential resources is to find royalty-free music for your work and projects. Of course, you can also create your own music. However, if you don’t know how to do it, see the best websites where you can download royalty-free music. Royalty-free music is music that is not covered by copyright laws. It is also not covered by intellectual property laws and is in the public domain. These laws prevent you from using a work without the author’s consent. Therefore, you have to pay something for the right to use it in your projects and audiovisual creations or podcasts. Read on to learn more about The best sites for downloading royalty-free music.


On the Internet we can find all kinds of options such as websites, platforms and tools to listen to music for free. Soundcloud is a recognized platform used by musicians worldwide to publicize their latest songs. The best thing about Soundcloud is that musicians share their songs under a Creative Commons license.

The best thing about Soundcloud is that musicians share their songs under a Creative Commons license. This means that you can use the music tracks for free. However, it is imperative to give attribution to the authors. The variety and quantity of music on Soundcloud is more than enough for any content creator.


Thematic is a free online service that YouTube content creators should know about. Indeed, they can easily get free songs for their videos. Once you sign up free, you will have access to Thematic’s entire catalog of music. Keep in mind that Thematic has rules. Consequently, it is necessary to mention the authors when using their songs on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. In addition, you can also share your playlists and inspire the rest of the community.


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Mixkit is another website where we can download royalty-free music to use in our audiovisual creations. A very complete website that will also allow us to download sound effects, templates for Final Cut Pro or After Effects and photographs.

In the songs’ section we will find a wide variety of music ranging from Jazz to Funk. In addition to minority styles such as Experimental among many others. Additionally, if we are clear about the emotion we want the song to convey, we can also search for music by mood.


Jamendo has more than 240,000 tracks in its complete music library. The list includes musical proposals of all genres and aimed at any project. The search engine allows you to browse through instruments, musical styles with synchronizable music tracks. You even have the option to get a two-week free trial if you are looking for the appropriate music track for your new venue. Plus, if you need unlimited songs for commercial use, you also have the option to subscribe to Jamendo’s unlimited titles plan.


Allows you to download music under Creative Commons License 3.0. Furthermore, you are free to use the songs (even for commercial purposes). Indeed, you only have to mention the URL of the site or include the source music by auidonautix.com. You will find a large archive of music where you can sort them according to genre, mood and tempo.

Free Music Projects

A page dedicated to offer royalty-free music for the advertising and marketing field. It has four types of licenses with different prices. If you have an agency or radio, it is a site to consider if you plan to pay monthly for music.


YouTube Audio Library offers 150 songs at the moment. Some of them totally license free and others under Creative Commons. It is a very practical tool if we want a song quickly, without records. When we upload a video to YouTube, for frees, it even offers us to put music to our work from the configuration of our video.

In addition, we must bear in mind that YouTube is not only for this. It is also a great tool for brands to develop their brand, even creating collaborations with influencers or industry leaders.

Free Music Archive.

Music themes curator. On this page we can find a large archive of songs under Creative Commons license and classified by genre. You can download tracks or even if you like an artist you can download the whole album.


This is a very extensive classical music archive. You have a search engine that allows you to find songs by composer, period, instruments, interpretation, and form. It is a page that brings together the vast majority of classical music composers in our history.


This page allows us to find music for audiovisual works, music for commercial use. Even to give atmosphere to video games. The authors upload their creations and you, if you are interested, can make a completely royalty-free use of that work in exchange for a contribution to the creator.


Another very complete page. As all this kind of pages, it contains a search engine and allows you to download the effect in MP3, WAV, or ZIP. Under Creative Commons license and public domain, plus option to obtain license if you have commercial effects.


This sound bank offers a wide range of effects. It has a selection of effects classified according to the type of license it contains. Users upload their sound effects and offer them to the large FreeSound community.

Sound Effects for Free

In this free bank you can download either MP3 or WAV. In addition, you have no limitation when downloading, and it is presented in a very intuitive way. You have effects for your commercial campaigns as well as for personal use. They have a section of new effects.

Sound Dog.

A site that makes it straightforward to find the effect you are looking for. You can choose from over 700,000 effects. It is characterized by the ease of searching among its wide classification. In this way we have seen the best sites to download royalty-free music. Bye!

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