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The best torrents download sites in 2022

Hi! Downloading content from the Internet is something that has been done for many, many years. Indeed, we have used different methods from direct downloading to P2P technology. Certainly, these two methods stand out above the rest. On the one hand, we have the possibility of downloading with eMule and, on the other hand, downloading torrents through the BitTorrent network. It is also a changing ecosystem, so it is subject to a lot of movement. Consequently, today, we will show you which are the best sites to download torrents in 2022.

What is the most popular network

Nothing has been able to kill the BitTorrent network and its torrents. In fact, thousands of users use this medium every day to upload and download content to the Internet. Additionally, they use the network to share content with other users.

To use this network, an Internet connection is required. Additionally, it is necessary to use some best-rated torrent download clients and programs of the moment. Once you have a software to manage the whole process, it will be enough to find the best torrents to download in specialized pages. Whether they are files of any kind, games, movies, series… Streaming services are certainly increasing in popularity. They allow access to a large amount of content for a low monthly fee. However, downloading via torrent is still common.

How to choose a torrents service

Next, we will discuss different services where you can find torrents to download with a reliable download manager. However, we give you some ideas, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Some tips to choose the best option.

  • Ease of use:One of the main things to look for is that it is easy for you to use. One of the main things to look for is that it is easy for you to use. Its organization is one of the determining factors. Please remember that the menus must be complete, as well as including a search engine and even a search filter to optimize the results.
  • Types and quality of downloads: Another interesting aspect is to know what kind of movies, series, documentaries, and content you can find on the site. Furthermore, it should be correlated with what you are looking for and the quality it provides. If it has a wide catalog of content related to what you are looking for, so much the better, since you will have more chances to find what you are looking for.
  • Information: You must evaluate the information that the page offers you with the search results that it provides you. Please remember that depending on it, you will decide whether to download it from one link or another.
  • Language. If you care that it is in your language, you will prefer pages that are handled in your language. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access any other where you can navigate in a language you can understand or resort to an online translator.
  • Accessibility. It must be easy to get to and not have constant downtime, sometimes due to legal or other problems.
  • Security and privacy: Of course, finding a secure service that allows us to keep our data well backed up is important. Therefore, we must access trusted sites with proven results.

Best torrent download sites.

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There are many classic sites that never fail and have been around for years. Indeed, from there you can easily download the best torrents. Just go to the different sites, choose the category, search for the file you want and send it to download to enjoy the content in just a few minutes. You should also be aware that these pages can be closed at any time. Consequently, you have to check availability.

The Pirate Bay

The eternal survivor, who for many years has endured the persecution of the judiciary. In fact, it is blocked in several countries. Regarding The Pirate Bay, it continues to be a reference despite the problems to access. Every day it receives news and maintains its classic design that helps us feel at home. Its domain in the Tor network is piratebayztemzmv.onion.


One of the websites that has grown the most recently. Its interface is fast and simple, allowing us to find the latest torrents to download. Its organization by categories allows us to watch movies, series, documentaries, and concerts in qualities ranging from 720p to 2160p. It is one of the reference websites to get the highest quality. It also includes a lot of 4K content, obtained in Blu-ray, remuxed or recoded in H.264. The screeners or CAM are not a content found on this site. It also stands out for its PC games section and its adult content section.


Another of the most popular websites on the planet that has also had problems with the law. However, it is still active. This site has a more careful visual aspect and offers sections of movies, series, games, music, applications, anime, documentaries, others, and adults. In addition, in a comment they clarify that, although 1337x.to is the main domain, we can also access through 1337x.gd.


Another increasingly popular and used portal with access to a wide variety of multimedia content, as well as software and games. It has a gigantic database of more than 11 million torrents thanks to the fact that the site has been operational since 2009. It has one of the most comfortable interfaces you will find among the best torrent sites as it allows quick access to categories: movies, software, music, games, applications, anime, etc.


Another website that was closed a few years ago, but came back stronger than ever, is ExtraTorrent. Here we find a wide variety of content, with movies, series, books, software and adult content. Furthermore, at its best, it became one of the top 5 BitTorrent file directories worldwide, with a wide variety of digital software and entertainment content at the time until it closed. You could download TV shows, movies, series, anime, games, books and much more. Currently, they have returned with a new domain to continue offering content.

Ultimately, we have seen the best sites to download torrents. I hope you use this info only for lawful purposes. Bye!

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