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The best tools to manage email in Windows

Hello! Emails are certainly an essential part of our daily life. Therefore, it is best to keep them organized. Indeed, we receive numerous emails every day. Obviously, they can be about work, studies, or promotions. Consequently, it is highly recommended having a program that manages emails. Certainly, most people are inclined to use clients such as Outlook or Gmail. However, there are other alternatives that also work very well. Stay with us to see the best tools to manage email in Windows.

The best programs for reading email in Windows

As we said, we will see the best tools to manage email in Windows.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the best email clients. In addition, it will be very useful and intuitive for Mozilla Firefox users. It also facilitates the use of Gmail or Hotmail emails, since it configures them automatically. A configuration wizard is also functional for most accounts working with IMAP, SMTP and SSL/TSL servers. In fact, all you have to do is enter your name, email address and password. The app will then configure the rest of the parameters automatically.

A key element of Thunderbird is that it is highly customizable. For this it has more than a thousand add-ons to modify it. In addition, we can integrate it with social networks. It even has its own integrated chat. Another distinctive element is the email management by tabs. In this sense, it behaves like a web browser. So you can open several tabs of open emails simultaneously. Consequently, you will be able to manage it in a faster way. In addition, it uses various external means to send attachments. Being open source, it is also a multiplatform tool.


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Mailbird is a service that has been with us for several years. This allows it to continue to grow and offer better features. Therefore, it is one of the best clients we can find in the market. Its interface is very nice and allows you to combine between many possibilities. In addition, it includes a light mode for the day and a dark mode for the night. The sound notifications are also highly customizable. In fact, we can even use sounds from our audio collection.

It stands out for its compact design. The screen is not loaded with unnecessary elements. In addition, it offers a unified inbox and the possibility of integrating tools for the management of mails and agenda. On the other hand, it integrates with different management applications and social networks: Facebook, Evernote, Todoist, Dropbox, WhatsApp and many more. It is perfectly organized by folders and labels thanks to the integration with Gmail. Finally, it offers a free extensions store.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is only available if you have an Office 365 subscription. Certainly, there are older free versions. However, in this case, the payment is quite justified. It allows you to group and work in an organized way in e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks. In addition, security is a very well worked aspect in Outlook. Even the home version uses the same layer of protection as the business clients. This includes encrypted protection of the information flow.

It integrates with Office and allows you to share attachments from OneDrive, access your contacts and view LinkedIn profiles. Even Microsoft does not track your personal information on logins, sent and received messages for advertising purposes. In addition, it automatically adds payments, invoices, or travel or event schedules to the calendar. It also allows you to plan schedules and check when coworkers are available.


Postbox is another email management tool that stands out. Not only does it include useful features for using email. In fact, it also includes elements that set it apart from others. Its configuration is perfectly compatible with most emails: Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Office 365, Outlook, Fastmail and ProtonMail. Therefore, you will only need to add the email address, username, and password to activate your Postbox account.

Postbox folders are synchronized with Gmail labels. Logically, this affects the organization and order of the emails. In addition, we can use shortcuts to move more quickly between your options. The contacts are also integrated with Gmail, which allows you to autocomplete your mails. From Postbox we can also access the information of Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn contacts. Simply link the accounts in the configuration tab. The tool also has more than 25 customizable email signatures to use.


Polymail is an email manager with a lot of future. Especially among those who require teamwork. For this purpose, it has message tracking that allows us to know when and who has read our emails. The application has an activity feed in which we can see everything in detail in real time. In addition, the organization is simple thanks to its great design and customization.

We can also configure an email to send it later. In the same way, we can postpone an email to appear later. We can even cancel an email seconds after sending it if we have sent it too early. Its main interest is to save time to the user, avoiding having to read, manage and answer emails. Consequently, the conversations are grouped in a more comfortable way.

eM Client

eM Client is an excellent free option for e-mail management. It certainly has a Pro version. However, the free version is very complete. Moreover, its features are similar to those offered by Windows. Therefore, these users will feel comfortable with its interface. However, it can also be run on macOS. It is a very complete client that offers encrypted emails. It also presents threads and conversations in a comfortable and attractive way. In addition, it has predefined replies.

This service integrates with systems such as Gmail or iCloud. Therefore, we will be able to import contacts and tasks, in addition to the calendar with Google Calendar. It offers calendar, address book and to-do list functions. A real all-in-one tool. In addition, customization is available through various widgets.

Ultimately, we have seen the best tools to manage email in Windows. You already know, you have multiple options to choose from. Bye!

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