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How to encrypt emails.

Hello! Email has undoubtedly increased its presence. Indeed, we are talking about an almost indispensable tool. So much so that it has almost completely...

Install and configure Mutt on Debian 10

Hello, friends. Can you imagine being able to send an email from the terminal? Of course, it is possible. So, you will learn how...

How to install RainLoop (web-based email client) on Ubuntu 20.04?

Email plays an important role in companies and on a personal level. Sometimes it is convenient to have a personal email server, but sometimes...

Manage your instant messaging apps with Rambox

Hi, how are you? Instant messaging apps have become a necessity for smartphones. Indeed, they are almost indispensable elements in mobile devices. This is...

How to Set up Email on Your Android Phone

Android was the fastest growing mobile operating system in 2009 and after a decade the pace hasn't slowed down a bit. Statistics in 2019...

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