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The best remote desktop programs.

Hello! Today, we bring you the best remote desktop programs. This way, you can connect to your computer from another device, including a mobile phone. Accordingly, we will look at native system options, browser alternatives and third-party solutions. Likewise, there are paid and free options in this section. Read on to learn more about the best remote desktop software.


TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote control solutions. Moreover, it is a tool that can be useful for any kind of users. It is actually an option for people who are professionally involved in the technical support of users. But it also works for home users. That is to say, for the average user who has had to solve computer difficulties for a neighbor or friend.

In any case, we are talking about a free application for personal use, although for businesses it also has a series of payment plans. Another of its advantages is that it is a multiplatform solution. Therefore, it has applications for the most popular desktop and mobile operating systems. There are even versions for Raspberry Pi. Some of its interesting options are the control of several computers at the same time, the recording of sessions, a chat to communicate between computers or the possibility of sending files and documents from one computer to another. In short, it is a very complete solution.


It is another tool that is completely free for home users. However, it has paid versions with more options for companies. One advantage is that it does not require any additional configuration on the computer. In fact, just install it, and you are ready to use it. In addition, connections are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm.

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Another interesting feature of this application is that it is a cross-platform tool. Therefore, it has applications for Windows, GNU/Linux and macOS, as well as for Android or iOS. Consequently, it allows you to connect to remote computers and desktops, with the possibility of working with multiple screens and simultaneous connections. We can also transfer files and folders between the connected computers.

Ammyy Admin

This is a very light tool, with an installer that has a minimum weight of about 1 MB. In addition, it has a simple configuration process so that users without knowledge do not have problems when using it. It has paid versions and a free version, which can only be used for 15 hours per month with a single session.

It is also not a file sharing tool and does not have any of the advanced features that some others may offer. However, if you want a lightweight tool just for occasional use, then it’s for you. You will be able to control your computer remotely without much hassle.


AnyDesk works very well and is also free. Moreover, it does not require advanced knowledge. It is only necessary to have a stable Wi-Fi connection and a device with the client installed. This can be another computer or even mobile phones with Android or iOS.

One of its coolest features is that its mobile version has a series of controls adapted with advanced options with certain finger movements. Additionally, it allows you to send files remotely. It also allows you to control your mobile from your computer, although in this case, it is a function that does not work limited to some devices.

VNC Connect

This tool is mainly paid, although it has free trials for all its modalities. It also includes a free Home version but with fewer options. However, on the downside, we can say that the registration page is perplexing. It actually tries to divert you to download its trial versions.

On the other hand, the application offers you the possibility to install it on any desktop operating system. Additionally, it can also be installed on mobile clients on Android and iOS. It is therefore a very flexible tool. The tool offers remote connection to your computers, being able to send invitations to other people to access your computers, backups or blocking access to remote clients in case a device you had access to is stolen.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote access and support tool. They also have a processional approach. It allows you to support customers remotely and via the web. Like some previous options, you can use it to control PCs, laptops, mobile devices or servers in just a few seconds after the connection is established.

In this case, it is mainly a pay-as-you-go tool, with rates starting at $8 per month. The cheapest plan allows a range of two sessions, and as you pay more you can use it with more devices. It also has a free plan with access for one device, but with chat, desktop application, Mac support and clipboard sharing.


Together with TeamViewer, it is one of the most used options by all Windows users. Its main advantage is that it is already installed on the system. However, we will need to have the Windows 10 Pro version. However, we need the Windows 10 Pro version. Through its configuration menu, we will be able to enter from any Windows device. We can also say that we can manage it from an Android mobile phone. To learn more about this feature, we invite you to check out our tutorial.


Another popular tool is Ultra VNC. Based on a free software client-server structure, it allows remote access to a computer and use it also from another device. Its drawback is that this protocol has been accused of not being very secure.

The biggest risk in this type of operation is that if the remote transmission is not carried out securely, it is easy for our information to fall into the wrong hands. A few months ago, Kaspersky discovered a series of security flaws in VNC servers, including Ultra VNC.

Bonus: Google Remote Desktop

Another alternative comes in the form of a web app. Google Remote Desktop allows you to control another computer from Google Chrome. We can even use it with mobile devices. Just have a Google account and that’s it. If you want to know more about this tool, I invite you to review our tutorial. Okay, ultimately, we have seen the best programs for remote desktop. See you soon!

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