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Notable: Markdown based note-taking application

We already know that in Linux there are many applications to take notes based on Markdown. However, the variety makes that more and more we have options and increases the competitiveness of the developers. It’s a thing of the past that we have to settle for a few applications. Well, today I’ll talk to you about Notable, a simple but effective markdown based note taking application.

In recent days we have talked about Joplin and Boostnote but the truth is that each one of them is focused on a certain number of people. For example, Joplin is better used if you synchronize it with Nextcloud or OneDrive; and Boostnote will get more and better if you are a developer. However, Notable being something simpler focuses mainly on the average user, which makes it interesting as well.

Notable is a markdown-based note-taking application. It is cross-platform because it is available for Windows, Linux and macOS. Its main focus is to take notes without problems with the right features to do it efficiently. Some of them are:

  • Markdown based. The editor has a powerful Markdown editor that makes it possible for you to write your notes nicely. It is also possible to use KaTeX expressions and mermaid diagrams. Also, many features like multi-cursors, a minimap and best-in-class syntax highlighting are built-in.
  • Portability of notes. Remarkable simply save the notes on your hard drive without any additional tricks. This makes it possible for you to do what you want with them on your operating system.
  • To better suit writers working in low light, Notable incorporates a dark theme. They plan to incorporate more themes in the future.
  • Notable also incorporates a Zen mode so that notes can be written without distraction.

How to install Notable on Linux?

Notable provides us with various forms of installation on Linux. For example, it provides us with a DEB package for distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives; but also with an RPM package for Fedora, OpenSUSE and RHEL-based distributions such as CentOS.

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If you use Debian or some of its derivatives, just download the package and then install it with gdebi.

:~$ gdebi [file_path]

If you use the RPM package, download it and use the rpm command to install it.

:~$ rpm -ivh [file_path]

However, it is also available as an AppImage package compatible with all Linux distributions. Download it and give it execution permissions and finally run it.

That is how it looks this markdown based application

Once you run the application, you will be asked to configure the directory where you can save your notes.

1.- Running Notable
1.- Running Notable

Then, the application will start without problems. There we will see some notes that serve as a basic tutorial of the application.

2.- Notable a markdown based application
2.- Notable a markdown based application

Notable has keyboard shortcuts and the dark theme is activated from the main menu. Everything is very easy and intuitive.

3.- Dark mode and shortcuts
3.- Dark mode and shortcuts

So, enjoy it.


Notable stands out for being a simple and effective application that wants to fulfill its mission without being so decorated. It is to be thankful that more and more applications appear for Linux and fill us with alternatives.

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