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How to access the settings of your Wifi Router from Android

Greetings friends, the security of your Wifi network is very important, therefore it is necessary to know how to access the settings of your...

What is QoS and how to activate it in the router?

Hello, I have recently had problems with my internet provider. As a result, my connection has been experiencing a lot of problems. So I...

How to check WiFi signal strength in Windows 10

Hello! The quality of the internet connection depends on many factors. Therefore, we should be aware of all of them. In particular, the Wi-Fi...

Easily open and manage ports

Hello! There are certainly many factors that affect our connection to the Internet. Indeed, the wireless router is one of them. This is a...

VPNFilter Infecting Thousands of Devices – More than Expected!

VPNFilter is one of the nastiest malware in the history that’s specifically designed for infecting routers. This malware comes up with the power of...

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