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How to access the settings of your Wifi Router from Android

Greetings friends, the security of your Wifi network is very important, therefore it is necessary to know how to access the settings of your Wifi Router, to keep intruders away from your Wifi network. So in this post, we will show you how to access your Wifi Router settings from Android. Accessing it from your phone is the fastest way to be able to modify any parameter to improve the security of your Wifi network. Knowing how to access the settings is something that all Wifi network users should know. And even more so today as Router manufacturers have made the process easier.

From the Browser

This is the most commonly used method and is identical to access from the PC. You can use the browser of your choice. It is also faster and does not require any additional software to be installed.

First step

Open the browser on your phone and enter the following IP address of your WIFI Router You should note that this information may vary according to the brand of your Router.

enter the following IP address of your WIFI Ro access theuter
enter the following IP address of your WIFI Router

Second step

You will then see a login screen depending on your router manufacturer. Then enter your username and password. If none of the parameters have been changed then both are usually “admin”. I also recommend you to check this website, it has a list of usernames and passwords used by most manufacturers.

enter your username and password
enter your username and password
Router settings
Router settings

Using the Router app

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If you have a relatively modern Router and from a manufacturer like ASUS, Netgear, Google, TP-Link, Lynksys, Xiaomi, Dlink… It is very likely that in Google Play you will find a dedicated app for your Router. These apps offer some new features and advantages that you would not normally find in the PC version. So you should give them a try. Depending on the manufacturer the app will be different. You can download the app of the most popular manufacturers by following the links below:

ASUS Router
Google Wifi
TP-Link Tether
D-Link Wi-Fi
Mi Wi-Fi


Accessing the configuration of your router is quite simple. All users should have this information. We also recommend that you change the default passwords as soon as you log in to improve your security. Thanks for reading. Bye!

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