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Easily open and manage ports

Hello! There are certainly many factors that affect our connection to the Internet. Indeed, the wireless router is one of them. This is a device that is usually provided by the service provider itself. In addition, most of the time the configuration of this device is not usually manipulated by the user. Other than changing the access password, most of the settings are usually left by default. However, there are times when it is necessary to modify some parameters. In such cases, it is necessary to navigate through the configuration using the gateway. However, this configuration may seem too technical for some users. So there are apps that make this task easier. Today we will see how to easily open and manage ports.

Brief introduction about Simple Port Forwarding

This is a free program focused on the management of router connection ports. Of course, this can be done through the router configuration itself. However, this program has a very intuitive interface. In addition, it also offers a portable version in addition to the executable version. So once run, you just have to search for your router version. Currently, there is support for more than 3000 routers available. If not available, you can choose a compatible one or request the inclusion of the model. On the other hand, the app automatically detects the IP of the router. It even offers a window with a web interface for access. Simple Port Forwarding allows you to set your IP address as static temporarily. In addition, it is possible to change the DNS connection.

How to open and manage ports easily with Simple Port Forwarding.

The app has support for multiples. In addition, the program knows the ports used by hundreds of applications. On the other hand, a complete wizard is provided for this task.

How to modify ports with the program

For this purpose, it is necessary to work with the supplementary window of the program. Please click on item 4.

Managing ports with Simple Port Forwarding
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A new window will be displayed immediately. Once there, you can select the specific application. The tool stores the necessary port settings for each program. Likewise, it is possible to add a new configuration for any other software. With this in mind, just drop down the list of possible apps.

List of available apps.
List of available apps.

In addition, we can also select P2P programs. This is very important since most of these programs require opening certain ports.

Change router ports manually

We can also customize the port management. To do so, click on Add Custom. A new window will be displayed. There you must configure a series of specific parameters.

In this section you can add a name to the defined task. You can also tell the program the type of connection, or the ports we will use.

Manual port configuration.
Manual port configuration.

Ultimately we have seen how to easily open and manage ports in Windows 10. This tool is very easy to use and has several configuration options. See you later!

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