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Microsoft Paint to be targeted at Microsoft Store

Hello! We continue to receive news about the next version of Windows 10. This time we will see the fate of a classic application....

Four premium themes for Windows 10 are now available

Windows has all kinds of alternatives for changing the wallpaper. As well as the login or desktop wallpaper. Both with third-party applications and web...

Facebook removes official app for Windows 10

Facebook removes official app for Windows 10 definitively. Looking for the app in the Microsoft store we will find only unofficial applications. Such...

What is ZeroNet, the alternative internet based on P2P.

Hi, Today we're going to talk about privacy. Specifically about ZeroNet. This is a decentralized network that operates similarly to P2P networks. In other...

Download Microsoft Store apps without an account.

Hi, how are you? In a previous post, we talked about how convenient it is to use Windows 10 with a local account. Well,...

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