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Facebook removes official app for Windows 10

Facebook removes official app for Windows 10 definitively. Looking for the app in the Microsoft store we will find only unofficial applications. Such as Socialize Up. This way, the company had communicated it since February through an email.

The personalized email sent by Facebook to the app users announced the date when the app would stop working. In addition, he recalled that “your favorite Facebook features” will still be available by logging in to Facebook through “the most current version of supported browsers.

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Representatives from Facebook and Microsoft confirmed the disappearance of the app. Similarly, they simply recommended using the browser to enter the social network. In addition to this, Facebook confirmed that they have no plans to launch a new application in the future.

Instagram and Facebook Messenger do not remove official apps

For now both Instagram and Facebook Messenger applications remain available in the Microsoft Store. It is important to remember that the Facebook app has not been updated for many months. But unlike Instagram, which was in the same state of abandonment, it was not converted to PWA.

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Users with the app installed will be able to continue using it. At least in the near future, but it will no longer be able to be installed on other computers. So far, the reasons for Facebook’s removal of the app are unknown. However, one possible reason would be the low usage of the app.

Finally, this decision means one less app available for Windows 10X launch. Therefore, if Facebook removes official app from a platform with 1 billion users like Windows 10, it is difficult to think that they are motivated to bet on Windows 10 in ARM. For the time being, let’s hope that in the future the store chooses to grow rather than shrink. In the meantime, remember to go through our last post about Switch, the free alternative dock for Windows 10.

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