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Download Microsoft Store apps without an account.

Hi, how are you? In a previous post, we talked about how convenient it is to use Windows 10 with a local account. Well, a limitation that had this configuration is the inability to download apps from the Microsoft Store. In fact, in this store, you can find hundreds of applications. From productivity to entertainment. Additionally, it has multimedia applications, games, and programs. Some of them are paid and others are free. However, an indispensable requirement to be able to use it is to log in with a Microsoft account. Consequently, this leaves out users with local accounts. But don’t worry, in this post, we will see how to download Microsoft store apps without an account.


This method applies to any edition of Windows 10. However, the version must be equal or superior to November 2019. To check the Windows version, please press the Win+R combination and execute the winver command.

Run the winver command
Run the winver command

A window showing the installed version of Windows will immediately appear.

Windows version installed.

Check that you’re using a local account. With this intention, follow this path: Settings>Accounts

Using a local account in Windows 10
Using a local account in Windows 10

Some previous considerations.

  • In the first place, it will only be possible to download free applications or games. This is because paid apps must be linked to a Microsoft account for billing purposes.
  • At the moment of reinstalling Windows, all apps and games will be reinstalled from scratch. That’s because, without a Microsoft account, it’s not possible to synchronize data and parameters.

Download and install apps from the Microsoft Store without a Microsoft account.

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Without further ado, please enter the Microsoft store. The first thing you notice is that an icon of a person with a plus sign appears. This means you are using a local account.

Using a local account at the Microsoft store

Then select the app or game you want to install. Please note that it has to be free.

Download the application
Download the application

It is likely that notice will emerge asking you to use a Microsoft account. Please say no.

Continue the process without using the Microsoft account.
Continue the process without using the Microsoft account.

Once the preparations have been made, press Install to begin the process. Additionally, wait a few minutes while the app downloads and installs.


Ultimately we have seen how to install apps from the Microsoft Store without an account. This way, you can maintain your anonymity and still use the store. With no other limitations than those already mentioned. All right, that’s it for now, I hope this post is useful. See you soon!

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