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How to edit PDF files on Android and IOS

Greetings friends, editing a PDF file is not always easy or free most of the time. Usually, we can't edit a PDF file because...

How to make the best 3D letters on Android or IOS

Greetings my dear friends, today we bring you a simple guide to make the best 3D letters from your mobile device. These letters can...

How to backup all your Google Photos files

With the recent announcement of the end of Google Photos' free unlimited service, which will no longer be available as of June 1, two...

How to manage Windows 10 from Android or IOS (Remote Desktop)

Greetings dear readers! The Remote Desktop is a function that allows us to control or manage a Windows PC, even if we are not...

CSS Attacks to Restart iPhone or Freeze a Mac

Security is something that that must stay safe all the time, no matter the cost, right? When we first heard about Meltdown and Spectre,...

ZipperDown Infecting iOS Apps

iOS is supposed to be one of the toughest platforms for security. Apple designed it really good for being smooth and secured at the...

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