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How to manage Windows 10 from Android or IOS (Remote Desktop)

Greetings dear readers! The Remote Desktop is a function that allows us to control or manage a Windows PC, even if we are not physically there. In this post, we will show you how to manage Windows 10 from Android or IOS.

A Remote Desktop is a technology that allows a user to work on a computer through its graphical environment from another terminal device located elsewhere. It is used in the field of computer science to name the possibility of performing certain tasks on a computer without being physically in contact with the computer. This is made possible by software that allows one to work with the computer remotely.

Windows has an integrated Remote Desktop function and a client that is available for both Android and IOS. First, you must enable the this feature from the windows configuration, to do so follow the steps below:

Step One

Go to Settings>System>Remote Desktop, then press the enable Remote Desktop, you will be asked to confirm.

Windows Settings desktop
Windows Settings
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Remember your Windows user account must have a password, in case you do not have it you can create it by going to Settings>Accounts>Sign-in options>Password.

Windows Settings Remote
Windows Settings

Second Step

Install Remote Desktop client app on your device you can do it from the following links:

Google Play Store
App Store

Third Step

Open the app, then press the + Add button in the upper right corner, then press Add PC. Scan the network to find the PC. Select the name of your PC and press connect. After that, you will be asked to enter the username and password for your Windows account. Finally, press connects and that’s it.


Without the need to install a third-party program in Windows we have this feature natively. It is worth mentioning the versatility and stability of this function we can effectively manage windows. Also, perform advanced tasks from our Android or IOS device.

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