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How to download a web page

Sometimes we may need to save a web page. Consequently, we will be able to view it later or on another device. As you can see, it is a very interesting feature. For this, we will use different methods and services. Consequently, we are going to explain what we have to do to download a web page completely. Most of all to be able to view it offline on that device or on any other device. Stay with us to learn how to download a web page.

Reasons to download a web page.

You are probably wondering what is the use of downloading a web page. However, sometimes it is essential. Consider this: you are flying in an airplane. Well, there, we are not going to have an Internet connection. At best, the connection will not be normal or will be very limited. So, if we want to read information from a site we are traveling to, we can save web pages we have previously found and read them offline. Furthermore, We might be in an area without signal coverage. Or we have little data left, and we want to take advantage of it and not run out. In these cases, we will also be able to download a web page and read it later. Even if we do not have an internet connection.

It may also be that we have internet on the mobile phone. However, you may want to view these pages better on your computer without a connection. We can download it on one computer and move it to another or previously do it. We will be able to read the content without any problems.

Methods to download a web page

Then we come to the neuralgic point. How can we download a website and be able to view it without an Internet connection? We will look at different services and tools. Its function is to download the content and have it all ready for us to simply click on the file and start the page anywhere. Although we do not have a network connection.


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The first option we will study is HTTrack. It is certainly one of the most used tools to download a website. It is an open-source program which is available for many platforms. Furthermore, it certainly fulfills its function in an excellent way. In addition, we can generate different projects. To start using it, just go to the project’s website. From the download section, you can select among the different versions offered. As already mentioned, it is available for Windows, Linux, or Android. Then we install it and can start using it.

The wizard will ask you to assign a name to the new project. Next, you just have to choose the website to download. Now decide where to save it and continue the process until it is completely downloaded to your computer. Finally, we will only have to open the index.html or index.htm file.


Wget is another option for these tasks. It is a free and cross-platform program. Consequently, it is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Its operation is not as simple as the previous one, since it works through the command line. It allows you to retrieve files via HTTP and FTP protocols. Therefore, you will be able to access files from a web page.

It was originally intended for downloading files individually. However, it can also be used to download an entire web page. To start using it, just go to the website and download it. A portable version is available for Windows. If you want detailed information on how to install it, you can check our tutorial about it.


This application is for Windows use only. It allows you to automatically download the content of a website. We will also be able to store it locally to open it at another time without needing access to Internet. To download it, just go to the project’s web page. Just go to the download section and choose the version that best suits your needs. After installation, it is ready to use. You just have to find the corresponding address and start the process.


This is another option available for only a few operating systems. Specifically, it works on iOS and macOS. However, it is a really useful tool for users of these systems. It also allows you to download a complete web page. As usual, we have to go to the website and download the program. After running it, we are ready to download the web page. Just enter the desired address.

On a positive note, this program is not limited to downloading text from the website. On the contrary, it also includes multimedia files, such as images. It is very useful to be able to view a page in its entirety, without any kind of restrictions.

How to download a website directly with the browser

We have seen some programs with which we can completely download a website. They are very intriguing as they offer additional features. However, you may want a simpler option. In that case, we can download a website directly from the web browser. It doesn’t matter if it is Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

Let’s start with Google Chrome. This method also applies to Chromium-based browsers, such as Microsoft Edge. So, what we will do is go to the settings menu. Next, seek the print option. Note that you must do this with the desired page open. Consequently, the print menu will be displayed. Now, instead of selecting a physical printer, you must select Save as PDF. Finally, set the save location and that’s it! You will only have to go to this location to enjoy the web page at any time.

Concerning Mozilla Firefox, the procedure is very similar. Once again, we enter the browser menu. In the same way, we select Print. But instead of choosing the printer, we activate the Save as PDF option. Set the save location, and you will have the website ready to access at any time. Even without an internet connection. OK so we have seen how to download a web page. As always, we have offered you several alternatives for you to select the one you prefer. Bye!


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