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6 cool extensions for Google Chrome

Hello! It is well known that web browsers have extensions to make your work easier. Indeed, Google Chrome has a wide variety of extensions. Which are very useful and facilitate many daily tasks. In addition, all of them are compatible with Edge, Microsoft’s browser. On the other hand, this list is designed to facilitate web browsing. Therefore, identify what hurts you the most when surfing the Internet. Consequently, select the most suitable extension. Here are 7 cool extensions for Google Chrome.

Clear history and cookies often to maintain privacy

There are several options for cleaning the browser. However, Cleaner One Cache Cleaner & Tab Manager stands out above the rest. It has been developed by Trend Micro, a leading cybersecurity company. Its operation is very simple. By adding the extension, a button is added to the browser. Consequently, we delete cache, images, history, cookies, and other data when we press it. In addition, it has a practical tab manager. In fact, we can see the open tabs and the RAM occupied by each one. We can even close a tab or all of them at once.

Manage and save your passwords

LastPass is a password manager for Chrome. It also allows you to store usernames and passwords. You can also add a credit card and purchase information to make payments. It is also possible to attach documents, PDFs, images, and audio. In short, it is possible to store data securely. In addition to being able to access them securely at any time. It even includes a search engine to easily locate the information. Finally, it is multi-device. So it can be used on the computer, phone or tablet.

A good translator is a great help.

Certainly, with the global world, we have access to a lot of content. The downside is that we don’t always understand it. So therein lies the advantage of ImTranslator. We are talking about a translator with a dictionary and voice. This means that it is also useful for people with hearing problems. It translates text, words, phrases, and web pages into 91 languages. For this, it uses 3 translation providers: Google, Microsoft Bing, and Translator. Additionally, it has text-to-speech in 30 languages. On the other hand, it allows you to save the translation history for future use. Finally, it is capable of automatically detecting the source language.

Corrects grammatical errors.

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Sometimes we write a lot of text. However, perhaps in a hurry, we may make grammatical mistakes. That’s where Grammarly comes in. This extension corrects grammar and also avoids typing errors. Additionally, it provides suggestions for better writing. So it enhances learning. It also provides style correction. So the texts will not only be correct but also more readable and attractive. For which it suggests changes of tone and restructuring of sentences.

Navigate in dark mode

Most of Google’s software has been integrated into the dark mode. Which often favors the display of content. It also helps to save energy. Even Gmail has done it, though not yet fully. So, there are extensions that do the job. This is the case with Dark Reader. The extension provides a dynamic dark mode for websites. So it is not limited to putting the black background with white letters. Additionally, it reduces the brightness when necessary. In fact, it also has a light mode with reduced brightness and sepia colors. It even offers customization options. Such as adjusting the brightness and contrast of web pages. Finally, it also allows you to customize fonts and their appearance.

Forget about cookies

Google is working on an alternative to cookies for Chrome and its websites. We are talking about the FLoC system. Which would avoid using third-party cookies. However, the system is still under development and does not convince everyone. Therefore, you will still see those warnings. For now, we suggest you use an extension like I don’t care about cookies. It allows you to avoid annoying warnings from websites about the use of cookies.

Ultimately we have seen 6 cool extensions for Google Chrome. As you can see, they are oriented to make internet browsing easier. It’s up to you to select the one you want. See you soon!

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