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Manage your instant messaging apps with Rambox

Hi, how are you? Instant messaging apps have become a necessity for smartphones. Indeed, they are almost indispensable elements in mobile devices. This is because users find them very attractive for their daily use. Consequently, more and more people are running them. Since they allow to be connected and even more in these times of isolation by the COVID-19. However, some of these apps are mostly used on PCs. Others are created for cell phones but have computer clients. However, in order to manage them, it is necessary to open each app individually. This can become tedious, in addition to having to switch between the smartphone and the computer. However, today we will talk about an app that allows you to manage most of these apps. In fact, it is capable of supporting more than 600 communication programs. So, look at how to manage instant messaging apps with Rambox.

What Rambox is and how it works.

Rambox is a specialized tool for web applications. But it also specializes in online communications. That is to say, web applications that focus on email, instant messaging, and social networking. Consequently, it allows you to centralize them in a single app. For that reason, its usefulness ranges from domestic to professional use. Because whatever your profile is, you will always need to communicate with friends, family, clients, or co-workers.

On the other hand, it is a multi-platform application, since it is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Currently, it is available in two versions, one free called Community Edition. And another paid edition called Pro. The free edition has limitations on the number of apps and some features geared towards professional use. However, it is more than sufficient for the home user. Well, you can download any of its versions from this link.

The best thing about Rambox is its customizable menu.

The operation of Rambox is very simple. Once the program is opened it will show the number of apps available to be executed.

List of apps available in Rambox.
List of apps available in Rambox.
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Then select the app you want to open, in this case, WhatsApp. Immediately a menu will be displayed to edit the location and notification parameters of the app. Add the service to open the App window.

Set up the app's aspects
Set up the app’s aspects

Then configure the service to start.

Configuring WhatsApp en Rambox

Next, the service is active in the form of a tab.

WhatsApp active on a Rambox tab.

The tabbed organization is a very useful feature in this app. In addition, every time you open Rambox, all the services you have started will be automatically opened. This way, you don’t have to open them one by one. On the other hand, you can enable the Don’t Disturb feature to limit notifications. You can also assign a master password for security purposes. This password must be entered every time you open the app. You can also create an account at Rambox. This allows you to sync applications and settings between multiple computers.


As you can see, this program is an ideal alternative to manage instant messaging apps in one. In addition, its security protocols are high as they do not store user credentials. On the other hand, it is a free and open-source app. Finally, we learned how to manage instant messaging applications with Rambox. Before saying goodbye, I invite you to see our post about the best programs to create a bootable USB. Bye.

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