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DNS server

How to choose the best DNS?

The DNS server is one of the basic elements in an Internet connection. In fact, it is responsible for translating the IP address of...

How to change DNS in Windows 10

Hi! Today we will talk a bit about networks. In fact, we will touch on a topic related to connectivity. Specifically we will see...

How to install and configure a DNS server in Windows Server 2019/2016

Hello, how are you? Today we will continue to explore the functionalities of Windows Server. Specifically, we will talk about one of the most...

What is DNS and how to change it in Android

Hi! It's nice to be with you to talk a little bit about Android. It is well known that it is a mobile operating...

How to Install and Configure DNS on RHEL 8 and CENTOS 8

DNS Stands for domain name system, it translates website URL into IP addresses. You can say it is the phonebook of the internet as...

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