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How to choose the best DNS?

The DNS server is one of the basic elements in an Internet connection. In fact, it is responsible for translating the IP address of the domain name to the IP address of the server. Here we have even shown you its usefulness and how to change it in Windows 10. Beyond its ability to improve the connection, you may not know how to select the best option. Well, today we will see how to choose the best DNS in Windows 10.

Applications to choose the best DNS for the connection.

There are several DNS servers to use. In fact, some are free and some are paid. For example: 8.8.8/, Cloudflare (1.1.1/ or OpenDNS Home ( However, today we will show you some tools to choose the best DNS server available.

DNS Jumper

It is one of the most popular apps for selecting the best DNS. It also allows you to change it automatically from the menu itself. Its way of working is very simple. The tool shows a list with the fastest DNS available in the database.

DNS Jumper looking for the fastest DNS server
DNS Jumper looking for the fastest DNS server

At the bottom there are some filters. For example turbo mode or mixed mode. This way it is possible to limit the maximum response time. After setting the parameters you just have to click on Start DNS Test. This will start the search for the fastest DNS server for the connection. The result is very complete since it shows the name and the DNS values. Then you just need to configure the connection. You can download it from here.

DNS Benchmark

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This tool offers very complete information about DNS servers. In effect, this makes your work take a little longer. However, it is worth the wait. After downloading and running it, you must click on Nameservers. Then please wait a few moments while the server list is loading. Then press the Run Benchmark button.

First steps with DNS Benchmark
First steps with DNS Benchmark

After a few moments, the tool shows the fastest DNS servers for the connection.


This tool has not been updated for a long time. However, it is still widely used when determining the best DNS server. Indeed, it is a very complete application. Since it performs a standard test. But it also uses the browsing history to perform the speed test. In this way it is possible to determine the best configuration for the current location and connection. Please note that the test will take many minutes. A report will be displayed in the web browser after completion. You can download it from here.

DNS Perf

This tool is executed differently. That is, it is not a tool but a web page. Therefore, it is not necessary to download anything, but go directly to the website. In other words, it is a benchmark website that allows you to know which are the fastest DNS servers. Taking into account the location and type of connection.

DNSPerf running in the web browser
DNSPerf running in the web browser

When visiting the page, a list of DNS servers is displayed. In addition, they are ordered by response time so that you can choose the one with the highest speed. Clicking on any result will show IP addresses, response time and quality of service. An interesting aspect is that it allows you to filter the search by continents.

In this way we have seen how to search for the best DNS for Windows 10. In addition to tools, there is also the option to search directly in the browser. All right, this is all for now. See you next time!

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