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Rocky Linux 8.3 RC1 available

Hello, friends. We have some great news for you. Rocky Linux 8.3 RC1 is available which indicates that we are getting closer and closer to a stable version of a distribution called to be the replacement for CentOS 8 after the change that has left us all speechless.

Rocky Linux is a community enterprise Operating System designed to be 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Enterprise Linux, now that CentOS has shifted direction.

This resulted in the creation of a fork to continue the CentOS spirit, this distribution is called Rocky Linux.

Being one of the most awaited distributions because of the importance of CentOS 8, we are getting closer and closer to a stable version. Rocky Linux 8.3 RC1 has been released to speed up the development process.

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Although RCs are near-stable releases, the Rocky Linux website tells us that “Under no circumstance should you use a release candidate in a production environment. A release candidate is provided for testing and validation purposes only“. So only use it on a personal computer or virtual machine.

This release is the result of several months of hard work in the process of integrating CentOS into this new distribution. For now, we only have images for the x86_64 and aarch64 architectures.

The exact date when we will have the first stable version? we don’t know yet, but the development team says it will be this year if everything goes well.

Download Rocky Linux 8.3 RC 1

As mentioned above, there are only images for x86_64 and aarch64 architectures. So, you can download them from the corresponding section of the website.

The x86_64 image can be downloaded from this link while the ARM64 (aarch64) image can be downloaded from this link.

Enjoy it!

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