Papirus Icon Theme for Linux


There are number of themes available for the Linux system. Those themes change the look and feel of our system and it’s important if you feel that your system is just dull and pale. There are a number of themes available for your system like Evopop, Paper, and Canta etc.

Like changing the look of the system, you can also change the look of all the apps by applying various icon theme packs. Changing the icons is also a nice way of refreshment. Today, let’s take a look at the cool-looking Papirus icon theme.

Downloading Papirus icon theme

  • Ubuntu

  • Debian and Debian-derivatives

  • Universal method

This method will work for all the Linux distros. That’s why we’ll be following this method today to install the icon pack. Run the following command:

Enabling the theme

Once the download is complete, you can easily activate the theme directly on your system. Depending on each distro, the method varies. However, just look out for “Appearance” or “Theme” in your system settings. You should come up with a similar option.

Activating Papirus on XFCE

Voila! Papirus theme is activated!

If you need any further in-depth assistance or more configuration ability, don’t forget to check out the GitHub Papirus icon theme page!

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