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Share Linux Console over Internet!

Linux is obviously a slightly difficult platform to work on, at least for newbies. Sometimes, even advanced users sometimes face trouble working here. For mastering the Linux system, terminal is the top priority. This is the most important part of Linux system that gives the ultimate power to do everything.

Learning Linux console can be tricky and in many cases, you may need help. It’s the best to have a friend physically present beside you to help you out, but that’s not possible all the time. Don’t worry; there’s a way that you can use to share your console with others and get direct help.

Let’s meet Teleconsole!

Teleconsole is a command-line based tool that allows sharing your console with others. It also offers security with the console sharing like SSH or HTTPS connection.

Run the following command for installing the “snap” package of Teleconsole. Snap feature comes up built-in in most of the modern day Linux distros. If your system doesn’t have it, you can simply install it by following the simple guide from official snap documentation.

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sudo snap install teleconsole --classic

If your system doesn’t support “snap” feature, you don’t have to panic. There’s also a way of installing the software as a script. At first, install Curl in your system.

Note that this tutorial is to install Curl from source. Then, run the following command:

curl https://www.teleconsole.com/get.sh | sh

Sharing the terminal

Now, the time has come for sharing the console with your friends! Launch the tool:


After executing the command, you’ll be given two things – a Teleconsole ID and a link. One can use both for connecting with a remote console over the internet.

If you’re not comfortable sharing your link, you can send the ID. For connecting to a remote ID via Teleconsole, run this command:

teleconsole join <ID>

If you’re in need of any further help on the tool, simply run this command:

teleconsole --help
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