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Install Evopop GTK Theme on Linux

In the world of theme, there are tons of available options that provides soothing experience with comfort. That’s what I like the Solus project that brings up some of the best-looking themes. At present, the OS is using Adapta GTK theme, but before that, it was the awesome and cool-looking Evopop GTK theme.

Much like the Adapta, Evopop is also inspired by the Material design that looks very snappy and modern. However, the theme is no longer under development as Solus has moved towards Adapta. But it’s still worth taking a look today.

For enjoying the awesome Evopop theme, you have to be using GNOME desktop environment. If your desktop environment is compatible with GTK version 3.20 or higher, this theme should also work just fine.

Installing the theme

There are 2 possible ways that you can enjoy the theme. First is to install it directly using the built-in script and second is to build the theme from source. At first, install it from the default script.

Installing with script

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Run this command for downloading the complete Evopop theme with the source.

git clone https://github.com/solus-project/evopop-gtk-theme.git
cd evopop-gtk-theme

Now, run these commands for installing Evopop system-wide.

sudo ./install-gtk-theme.sh

If you’re a user of Geary email client, don’t forget to activate Evopop for that, too.


If you’re willing for enjoying Evopop Azure, run this command as well.


Now, all you have to do is activate the theme from your system’s theme option.

Building from source

It’s an easier method of enjoying the theme irrespective to almost any Linux distros. Run the command(s) according to your distro for the prerequisite tools.

  • Ubuntu
sudo apt install git autotools
  • Debian
sudo apt-get install git autotools
  • Arch Linux
sudo pacman -S git autotools
  • OpenSUSE
sudo zypper install git autotools
  • Fedora
sudo dnf install git autotools

Download the source code of the theme.

git clone https://github.com/solus-project/evopop-gtk-theme.git
cd evopop-gtk-theme

Prepare the critical files of the theme. Don’t MISS this step!


When everything is complete, start building Evopop theme’s code.

sudo make

Once the building is complete, install the theme in your system.

sudo make install

There are also other great themes to try out – Arc, Paper, Vimix etc.

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