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Install Strawberry on Linux – A Music player based on Clementine

Hello, friends. There are still many people who have music files on their hard disk. So it is necessary to have a music player...

How to compress large videos in Windows 10

Hello, how are you? Multimedia resources are definitely used in any system. Indeed, we live in the age of technology. That's why almost everyone...

Turn Windows 10 into a media server with Plex

Many people use their computers to store a lot of multimedia information. That is, they store personal photos and videos. But also, they store...

MystiQ video converter on Linux

Audiovisual content is now widely consumed by almost all users. In this sense, Linux was always seen as the system that had the least...

Installing and using FFmpeg on Debian 8 and Debian 9?

Multimedia content publishing is at very high levels of popularity. Practically everything we find on the Internet, is composed of images, videos or audios...

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