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Kotlin – Now on Linux!

Kotlin is one of the newest and most powerful programming languages of the world. This is a statically typed programming language that can create executables running on JVM, compile into JavaScript source code or even use in the LLVM compiler infrastructure. Developed by JetBrains and the open-source community, Kotlin is gaining more and more popularity.

Kotlin features

There are tons of features of Kotlin. These are playing key-roles in popularizing the language. You might want to add Kotlin in your mastery for better advantage in programming! Here’re some of the awesome features of Kotlin.

  • Open source
  • Interoperable with JVM
  • Codes are compiled into JavaScript or JVM bytecodes
  • Very simple, small library packed with tons of features
  • Null safety – better protection against the perils of null references from code (The Billion Dollar Mistake)
  • Official language for Android development

Now, this great programming language is available for Linux!

Kotlin for Linux

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Because of all the features, Kotlin is gaining popularity quite fast. For making it more popular and available to the community, the original creator of Kotlin – JetBrains – is offering it as a snap. Snap-based Linux distros like Ubuntu will find it very easy to configure Kotlin into the system.

Snaps are containerized packages offering extra security. These run on various Linux environments are suitable for better management. As Kotlin is served as a snap, a developer doesn’t have to install about any other dependencies like JDK (Java Development Kit).

The snap will work perfectly on tons of Linux distros like Debian, Ubuntu, Solus, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, openSUSE etc. Recently, Google has made Kotlin the official language for Android P. Learn more about Android P.

Are you interested in Kotlin? Let’s get started!

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