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OnionShare – Secured File Sharing

In the world of today, nothing is secured enough to provide the ultimate privacy. In fact, anything can be compromised if any single leakage is found. There are hackers all over the world working hard to penetrate into others’ sensitive information. In theory, if one can compromise the data, it can be decrypted anyway, no matter how powerful encryption was used. File sharing on the internet is a risky thing, especially if that file contains any important data. The file sharing service can easily take a look at the file, even government can have it if they’re willing to. In that case, you can make your file sharing even more secured with OnionShare.

What is OnionShare?

For those who LOVE security, OnionShare is a great option. You have heard about the famous Tor Project, right? It’s a free-for-all service that allows extreme security to your browsing. The project uses the “onion routing” method that coats the original data in a way that’s literally impossible for any hacker to decrypt in his lifetime.

Using the Tor network, OnionShare is an open-source, free-for-all solution for file sharing.

Why use OnionShare?

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There are several reasons why you should choose OnionShare. The most important ones are –

  • Open-source, cross-platform
  • File size – OnionShare allows sharing files of any size, free of cost. Isn’t it worth the trouble?
  • Security – For security, OnionShare is the tightest. First of all, your file is completely encrypted via the onion routing process. Your file will only be available to the sender if he’s connected to the Tor network (Tor Browser required). You can create a unique URL for downloading the file. You can also configure the URL available for the first-time download only.

How to use OnionShare

If you’re interested in using this service, make sure that you have Tor Browser in your hand. Get Tor Browser and OnionShare. After downloading, you have to connect to the Tor network from the browser. Then, open OnionShare.

The interface of OnionShare is very simple and self-explanatory.

You have the option to add a file either by clicking the “Add” button or using drag-n-drop. If you need, you can choose the “Settings” (gear icon) from the bottom-right for advanced and even tighter options.


From here, you can configure to stop sharing the file(s) after the first download. Thus, even if your link is available worldwide, the file won’t be. The receiver has to connect through the Tor network in order to have access to the download as well.

More “Stealth”

There’s an interesting feature in OnionShare – Stealth. This is an advanced option that offers the even stronger security of the file. However, the receiver of the file also finds it difficult to download the file.

The option is available from the “Settings” option. Make sure to use this option ONLY when needed.

Overall, OnionShare is a highly qualified program for ensuring security. Want to ensure security to your net browsing? Get the best VPN of 2018!

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