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How to install VeraCrypt on Ubuntu 18.04 / Linux Mint 19?

Data security is something that should never be taken lightly less in today’s world with so many vulnerabilities everywhere. Of course, there are tools in Linux that we can use to prevent this situation. In fact, there are many and some more complex than others, however, in this post I will teach you how to install Veracrypt on Ubuntu 18.04 and Linux Mint 19. It is perhaps the best tool to encrypt Linux disks and folders.

Veracrypt is the direct successor to TrueCrypt that was discontinued. Veracrypt is now available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. We are talking about a free tool to encrypt your disks and folders so anyone can open it without your permission.

Maybe you think it’s not useful, but imagine your portable disk or computer being stolen. This would be a problem because everyone would have access to important data, accounts, documents, photos and more. If the disk is encrypted, that person will not be able to access these data.

So I’ll show you how to install Veracrypt on Ubuntu 18.04.

Install Veracrypt on Ubuntu 18.04

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First of all, you have to download the installer. We will be able to do it from the application website. Choose the version for Linux.

1.- Download Veracrypt
1.- Download Veracrypt

However, we can do it from the terminal. Open one, and type the following:

:~$ wget -c https://launchpad.net/veracrypt/trunk/1.23/+download/veracrypt-1.23-setup.tar.bz2

2.- Download Veracrypt
2.- Download Veracrypt

Now, create an empty folder to locate the files that will appear after decompressing the file. In my case, I put the file in the personal HOME directory.

:~$ mkdir veracrypt-installer && cd veracrypt-installer
:~$ tar xjpf ../veracrypt-*.tar.bz2

Now to be able to run the installer, you have to make it executable. To do this, run the following command:

:~$ chmod -R +x .

If we use the command ls to see the contents of the folder. We will notice that there are four files. There are two ways to install Veracrypt, either through a graphical interface or through the console. Both installers for 32-bit or 64-bit system.

:~$ ls
veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x64  veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x86  
veracrypt-1.23-setup-gui-x64  veracrypt-1.23-setup-gui-x86

Choose according to your system. Normally, the currents equipment are 64-bit. You can choose the graphical installer but I will use the terminal installer. It is faster and more efficient. And believe me, it is pretty easy to use.

Veracrypt console installer

Then we can start the installer. First, choose the installation option.

:~$ ./veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x64

3.- Install Veracrypt on Ubuntu 18.04
3.- Install Veracrypt on Ubuntu 18.04

Then, you will see the terms of the license.

4.- Veracrypt license
4.- Veracrypt license

In the end, you will be asked if you agree with the license. If so, type “yes” and press enter. Then, to start the installation you will be asked for the user password.

5.- Install Veracrypt on Ubuntu 18.04
5.- Install Veracrypt on Ubuntu 18.04

Then, wait for the installation to finish. To run it, type veracrypt into the terminal and press enter.

:~$ veracrypt

Install Veracrypt GUI

If you are going to use Veracrypt’s graphical interface, first, uninstall Veracrypt CLI. Then launch the installer.

:~$ sudo veracrypt-uninstall.sh
:~$ ./veracrypt-1.23-setup-gui-x64

6.- Veracrypt graphical installer
6.- Veracrypt graphical installer

After you choosing Install Veracrypt option, you will see the license terms.

7.- Terms of license
7.- Terms of license

Then, enter your user password and the installation will begin. To the terminal, use the veracrypt command to run the application.

8.- Veracrypt running
8.- Veracrypt running

So, that’s it.


The best way to protect your data is to use Veracrypt to encrypt it. It is a free, powerful and quite useful program to improve the security of our computer and data.

Please share this post with your friends. They may need it.

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  1. I keep getting the error “error Dependany is not satisfiable libwkgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5” and then attemping to install missing dependancy getting the following error.

    E: Unable to locate package libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5
    E: Couldn’t find any package by glob ‘libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5’
    E: Couldn’t find any package by regex ‘libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5’

    Any help please

  2. Yeah… ummm. 1.24 lacks a GUI in the default, so not finding a way to do this anymore. Maybe you could update it? I appreciate the work otherwise but not useful currently… 🙁


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