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The V programming Language: Powerfull and lightweight

Programming languages are currently in a good stage of development. Many of them have been improved and as time goes by, they incorporate features that help the coding process. However, there is always room for advancement and some venture to create new languages in the hope that they will be taken into account by the developers. That is how Python started and now it is one of the most popular languages out there. Now, another is emerging with a view to being one of the lightest and most efficient out there. So, in this post, I will tell you about the V programming Language.

Lightweight and very efficient

This programming language was created by Alex Medvedniko, a Dutch developer who says he has a strong commitment to simplicity and performance. You can see that in V. Because V and all its libraries only occupy 400kb. Crazy! But yes, the language has ambitions and only with this size will we be able to work.

On the other hand, the language is in an early stage of development, but it shows us characteristics to which we must pay a lot of attention. Some of them are:

  • Secure. Because it does not allow global variables, null values, strange behaviors of functions, nor undefined values.
  • Fast. I think this is V’s main point. It can compile 1.5 Million lines of code per processor core. It’s wonderful.
  • Code translation from C. If you have a project from C, you can convert the source code to V, without any problem.
  • Compiler with 0 dependencies. In addition, it only weighs 400 kb.
  • Hot Code Reload. It is not necessary to compile frequently to get the desired changes. Of course, in some cases yes, where there are many lines of codes.

Finally, the programming language V will have version 1.0 in December if all goes well. However, you can already do some work using it.

Getting the V programming Language

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As expected, V is open-source. For now, only Linux and MacOS versions are available, but Windows will soon be added. Just download it and put it in /usr/local/bin/ to start working. You can also download the source code and build it from there.

In addition, the project tells us that it is easier to use than GO, but that it has similar documentation. On the other hand, its performance is similar to C and they plan to support graphics libraries like Vulkan or DirectX.

For now, we just need to keep an eye on this project. If you are a developer I recommend you do the same because the features are interesting.

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